Weird West

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18th July 2017. PAge created.

As we have a separate Weird West role-playing site, you are directed there for all PC generation ideas. (See the links below).

As a recursion, the Weird West's stats are below (is there a similar recursion in The Strange: Worlds Numberless & Strange, Bruce R. Cordell & Monte Cook, Monte Cook Games//)?

Weird West Attributes

Level: 4
Laws: Mad Science, Magic
Playable Races: Humans.
Foci: See information below.
Skills: Any to suit a Wild West style setting. Horse riding is pretty important.
Connection to the Strange: ??? Possibly a connection to Deadlands.
Connection to Earth: None known.
Traits: Need to choose a Descriptor.

Character Changes


Most Foci are appropriate for a Weird West game. Over on our Weird West site we have a Types & Concepts page that has Foci aligned with typical character concepts, but also a table to determine a random Focus suited to the setting.

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