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When you translate, your old self ceases to exist and a new one is formed. It is fully within the context on the new recursion/setting, as if the other did not exist. So everything must be in 'context' with your current whereabouts. (Only your Descriptor and Type remain constant, but some features might need explaining in 'context').

For a solid summary, read the 1st column of page 125 of The Strange Core Rulebook.

To summarise what this means.


Your Focus must suit the reality you are in. No Soars Through the Sky on Prime Earth. I have a list of appropriate Foci on each of the 'Worlds Visited pages. If you have one that can exist in the recursion you have come from (usually Earth Prime) and the one you have entered, you may 'drag' your focus with you. (You don't have to. You always have the option of changing and being someone different).


Your new, reformed self comes equipped for the new recursion as if you had not been to the old. In essence, the old equipment does NOT exist. You can re-equip for the new recursion. Easiest way to do so is roughly convert your equipment, but don't feel you have to convert EVERY piece. It really does not matter if you add some mundane, cheap equipment either. (This is especially the case for your transition back to Prime Earth, as the Estate can equip you with basics).


We do need to keep a 'similar level of wealth' for your PC b/w recursions though. So currency converts; eg, from gps to $. Obviously in the case of Earth it is $ (though you probably had no $ on Blighted World).
I would simply go by your Type & Focus. Type states how many items of each expense level you have. (Focus may modify this of course). So keep an eye on your Type when deciding whether you have a car, mobile, laptop etc.


These DO translate, BUT their form must change to work in the context of your new recursion. This could be hard to impossible for some, but try and think of something similar or possible, or lose the cypher.


This may also change if there are non-humans on other recursions. For ease of use I suggest we just use the Combining Race/Species with Descriptor idea I have on our Cypher House Rules Page. However, if you prefer, as in the Core rules, race/species can simply replace your Descriptor (though I think this would be confusing over time). The setting pages list which races/species are available for PCs.

Gender & Appearance.

Yes, this may even change (just like race/species).


Some skills are obviously unique to certain recursions. These also change to be relevant in your current recursion/world. This is especially true of Knowledge skills. So knowledge of bio-engineering might not be appropriate in a fantasy recursion for eg. You can change it to something similar and in context.

The important thing to remember is that you are not 'teleporting', you are 'translating'; you change to 'fit in' to the context of your new recursion. Hope that helps for PCs.

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