The Estate

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The Estate

Details on the Estate can be found in: The Strange Corebook p148, The Dark Spiral p6.

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Obviously, organisations like the Estate do not want the public to know much about what lies beyond Earth's shoals and they certainly do not want any unwanted attention coming their way - so you need to be very careful what you do and 'powers' you use when on Earth.


The Estate is located on the Tullamarine Freeway near Melbourne Airport. To the world at large, the Estate is a philanthropic institute interested in funding research in several scientific fields of inquiry. To keep up this facade the Estate does actually award scientific grants to deserving causes, including the prestigious Morrison Fellowship Prizes. They even have a website ;) The Estate Foundation



All buildings on campus must remain locked at all times. It might take someone from outside to pass through two to four secure locked checkpoints before reaching their secure objective. Each operative is issued a 10-digit code.
CCTV cameras operate throughout the campus.
A patrol of 5 security officers is on active duty around the campus at any time.
Operatives are expected to wear their badges, easily displayed above the waist, at all times on campus.



The Estate follows many of the procedures of a secret government agency. One such policy is assigning Supervising Officers (SO's) to operatives. This can be done on an individual or group basis. If operatives come to the Estate around the same time, they are often grouped together into a 'cell' and assigned their own SO. Sometimes an individual of importance, an operative that needs to work alone, or simply came to the Estate on their own may be assigned their own SO. So it is possible to later form a group that has different SO's initially or to have a group SO with some members of that group still having contact with their own, previously assigned SO. Once a team/cell is formed though, the SO assigned to the team as a whole has rank over individually-assigned SO's. Not that it matters much - any available officer that has skills relevant to a team's mission might be present in the briefing.

Operatives may be assigned one of the following Supervising Officers (SO's):


Lead Operative Katherine J. Manners

(The Strange Corebook p149, The Dark Spiral p7)
BG. She was a private detective and computer security consultant before she became the Estate's lead op (and is a founding member). Goes by Kate to her friends.
Appearance. (As picture, but hair usually tied back around the campus).
Personality. Presents a calm and collected persona but can be quick with a smile, a humourous quip, or, on rare occasion, a strong obscenity. She is open-minded to new information but not gullible.
As SO. Has new operatives in her command attend twice a week one hour seminars for the first six weeks. After that, attendance is only compulsory for relevant sittings. Her seminars usually focus on areas of Manners' strengths, such as gathering information under false pretense. She also reveals all types of kits operatives can request.


Investigations Chief Lawrence Keaton

(The Strange Corebook p149, The Dark Spiral p)
BG. Was an insurance fraud investigator before coming to the Estate. A functioning alcoholic, balancing on the edge of being put on administrative leave for related lapses.
Appearance. (As picture).
Personality. Skeptical, obstinate, and when encountered in his office, never without some sort of amber-coloured liquid in a crystal glass. Despite how much alcohol he seems to drink, his diction is never slurred - quite the opposite, as is he is concentrating hard on pronouncing everything exactly right.
As SO. Contact with operatives is irregular and he often makes contact as needed (or when he wants to show off one of his creations).


Special Operative Edward Kincaid

(The Strange Corebook p149)
BG. A felon that the Estate freed to exploit his amazing skills of theft and infiltration. There are many in the Estate that consider him a security risk (and are waiting for a betrayal).
Appearance. Dresses casually. Always has a backpack with him. (As picture).
Personality. Self-centered. He knows he is here b/c the Estate needs. Boastful.
As SO. Kincaid does not take on groups. Only individual agents interested in stealth and infiltration have been assigned to him. Meetings are infrequent at best, and usually on the operative's request rather than being called for by Kincaid.

Chief of Public Relations, Liza Banks

(The Strange Corebook p149)
BG. A reformed (?) con artist who has become a respected and important member of the Estate. Responsible for putting together representatives to hand out the Morrison Fellowship Prizes. Spends a lot of time on the gym.
Appearance. Fit and hardy. (On the screen in the picture on page 152 of The Strange Corebook).
Personality. Flippant. Not one to stick to protocols.
As SO. Holds infrequent meetings with operatives about potential members and people in the world with special powers.


Research Chief, Hertzfeld

(The Strange Corebook p149, The Dark Spiral p9)
BG. Little is known, but many think he is not from Earth. In any case, he takes extended sabbaticals and disappears 'off the map' from time to time. He oversees the Recursion Lab and is often behind in his work due to having so many experiments running concurrently.
Appearance. Looks Caucasian but speaks with a Japanese accent. His shock of blonde hair seems untamable, and his glasses are more like goggles. He is rarely without his lab coat and a digital readout of some kind. (As picture).
Personality. Gets quite excited when revealing new information to operatives, especially about locations. Extremely intelligent but just as eccentric. Listens to even the oddest ideas and generally takes what he hears on face value. (Well what he actually takes in between consulting his lab notes constantly). Clumsy.
As SO. New agents assigned to Hertzfeld must show up at the drill ground once a week for their first four weeks of training. (However, operatives are ushered into a van and Hertzfeld takes them on a site-seeing trip around Melbourne). Every subsequent meeting is held in a different location (after meeting on the drill ground).


Chief Gate Scientist Shirley McGuire

(Strange Revelations p44)
BG. Chief overseer of the Gate House facility.
Appearance. (As picture).
Personality. Sombre and reserved.
As SO. Shirley expects operatives assigned to her to take frequent classes in the Gate facility. Any of those that have already done so are fast to tell new ops about how boring her lectures are. Unfortunately they are right too. Shirley focuses her talks on the boring parts of recursions and the theories behind gates - not the fun to be had on the recursions behind the gates.


Overseer of Antiquities Jessica Lee

(Strange Revelations p44)
BG. Is in charge of cataloging, storage and security of cyphers, artifacts and other reliquaries stored in the Estate's Vault.
Appearance. (As picture).
Personality. Quiet (but most suspect this is a front). Has an extraordinary memory. Does not tollerate dullards.
As SO. Very few operatives are assigned to Overseer Lee, as she seems to have little interest in humans. Her passion is the cyphers and artifacts. If an operative also shows such a passion that is tempered with a sharp mind, they will be invited to 'study' (go through endless records of inventory) with Lee in the Vault. That is about the extent of contact she has with ops under her.

Warden Ivan Kozlov

(Strange Revelations p44)
BG. Oversees security and the Holding building of the Estate.
Appearance. (Seated on the left in the picture on page 152 of The Strange Corebook).
Personality. Bigoted towards young people. Has a chip on his shoulder.
As SO. Warden Kozlov is a very hard task master. There is no routine to when he calls and there does not seem to be any structure to his instructions, other than they all focus on security. Operatives assigned to him could be called up for guard or patrol duty, tests on security measures, or to change everyone's security codes. There is one thing you can be sure of though; if you are a young (under 30 to Koslov), then you can bet these jobs will not be pleasant (though ops tend to learn a lot).


Head Librarian Larry Murchinson

(Strange Revelations p45)
BG. Originally a bank manager. Got involved with the Estate when he helped them trace funds. Also acts as the head accountant, but this is not public knowledge. Many agents warn that Murchinson is a ruthless fighter and has a collection of knives with which he is very proficient.
Appearance. A sharp dresser. (As picture).
Personality. Can be over critical.
As SO. Operatives under Murchinson are to report to the library on every visit to the Estate. He usually has some report for them to read. He also inquires about diet, after hours activities and will be harsh on those that consider a life outside the Estate. However, those driven as himself will find Murchinson not only a good SO, but a fine life coach. New operatives assigned to him must meet every morning at 8am for the first 6 weeks for 'exercises' and then readings (unless on assignment of course).

Lead Recursion Miner Investigator Ami Tran

BG. Ami is one of Chief Investigator Keaton's most valued investigators and she reports directly to him. Her job is to maintain data on all know recursion minors (individuals and small groups that may travel to recursions, but do not belong to a formal organisation).
Appearance. (Seated on the right in the picture on page 152 of The Strange Corebook).
Personality. Relentless. Has a habit of confusing directions. Blabbermouth around the Estate - seems to know everything about everyone - yet most people still find her appealing and she rarely has a day without some male agent chatting her up.
As SO. Tran's training of ops is brutal. She sends them on treasure and man hunts around the city. (Given Tran's habit of mixing directions, these hunts can be very confusing and time consuming). The hunts are not held frequently, but one does not know when they will be called upon. Training is the same for operatives that have been in her care for years and those that are newly assigned. Sometimes her agents don't even know if a mission is training or for real until it is complete.


Lead Factions Investigator Toni Hetherington

BG. Toni is also part of Keaton's investigative unit. Her job is to lead investigations into rival factions. Her position and office focuses mainly on the dangerous September Project, but also monitors other groups: the Quiet Cabal; the Circle of Liberty, and even the government-linked Office of Strategic Recursion (OSR).
Appearance. Walks with a limp. (As picture).
Personality. Honest to the point of offending.
As SO. New operatives must attend several lectures on the relevant factions that Hetherington and the Estate monitor. Each faction is studied as a course over a month with lectures every second day. Operatives still under her watch are expected to still call in to keep up to date. Hetherington loves to spot quiz her long-term ops and if they fall short of her expectations she is not backwards in telling her charges.

Consultant Professor Brian Duncan

(Strange Revelations p66)
BG. Has been to many recursions. His collection of artifacts and knowledge of them and various recursions is legendary. As a freelancer, he has also worked as a consultant to the Office of Strategic Recursion.
Appearance. Large man with parted white hair and a thick, groomed handlebar mustache. Often smokes cigars, even where is not supposed to. (Picture in Strange Revelations p81).
Personality. Proud (some say arrogant). Speaks with a strong English (southern) accent.
As SO. As a consultant he is not an SO, but that is not to say he would not become one if asked (with the Estate's permission of course).

The Fixer

(The Strange Corebook p149)
BG. No one officially knows who the Fixer is; it's better that way. The Fixer is sometimes called when operatives find themselves in trouble with the authorities on Earth. Operatives who abuse the Fixer's services may find the Fixer on their own trail to 'fix' them.
Appearance. ?
Personality. ?
As SO. The Fixer is not assigned as a SO.

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