Star Wars

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As we have a separate Star Wars role-playing site, you are directed there for all PC generation ideas. (See the links below).

As a recursion, the Star Wars universe's stats are below (& pretty much follow the Rebel Galaxy guidelines from The Strange: Worlds Numberless & Strange, Bruce R. Cordell & Monte Cook, Monte Cook Games):

Star Wars Attributes

Level: 5
Laws: Mad Science, Magic
Playable Races: Humans, Droids, Aliens (many species).
Foci: See information below.
Skills: Many different languages, Force Use, Piloting/Engineering/Scanners etc (any starship-operation-related skills).
Connection to the Strange: Hyperspace travel can lead you to the Strange.
Connection to Earth: None known, but pretty easy to get information and surround oneself with Star Wars paraphernalia.
Traits: Brash. For any creature with the spark attempting to overcome or ignore the effects of fear or intimidation, the difficulty is reduced by 1 step.

Character Changes


There are hundreds of possibilities for your species when you translate to any Star Wars recursion. You can even become a droid if you choose.

Species is written as a Descriptor for the Cypher System, but remember, you can combine your normal Descriptor with a Race/Species Descriptor using our Cypher System House Rules.

Cypher System Species. This link takes you to a page where I have converted many species from the Star Wars multiverse. If the species you wish to play is not there, I am open for more requests :).
Droids. Go here if you wish to play one of the five degrees of droids.


Most Foci are appropriate for a Star Wars game. Over on our Star Wars site we have a Concepts Page that matches the most common Foci to a character concept in that setting.

Force Sensitive

When translating to Star Wars, you must also determine if you are Force-Sensitive or not. If you have any 'supernatural' powers in your Star Wars version of your character, then you are Force-Sensitive. Other characters have a choice. This is all discussed on the Force Page at our Star Wars site.

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