Silo Ark Campaign Journal

It's time to venture out. To explore the Zone, to search for artifacts and knowledge. Build, grow the land, seek out others, create a new civilization on the ruins of the old one. Seek your origin. No children are born to the People - if you do nothing, you will perish. Maybe, one day, you will find the Eden of legend, the Ancients' haven from the encroaching hellscape. That's where salvation and truth await, the stories say.
Maybe it's all fairytales. It doesn't matter. You have no choice. This is the beginning. This is year zero. - last section of The People at the End of Time (Mutant: Year Zero core book, Fria Ligan Publishing).


Slave Revolt

Day 1

  • Started some Projects for the Silo Ark: Hunting Party (Danko); Temple (Maxim) & Defenses (Dink and Quark).
  • Overnight infiltrators sabotaged the slave market (another ongoing project). Fixer and slave market operator, Adana, was killed along with three other guards during the raid. The slaves were released by masked members of the Ark. Dink took charge of the released slaves (consisting of 3 other Ark natives and 3 from beyond the Ark).

Day 2

  • In the morning, chronicler Aistrina approached Danko (camped outside the office where Quark resides) and told Danko that word in the Ark is that his friend Quark led the slave revolt/release. He was a known good friend of Dink afterall.
  • While working on defenses, Quark & Dink were approached by one of Trump's enforcers (Jonats the fire breather) with a message. Message consisted of being hit. Quark was accused of releasing the slaves, displeasing Boss Trump. Quark & Dink somehow managed to talk their way out of a greater beating by offering to go into the Zone to get something of significance for Trump.

Into the Zone

Day 3

  • Group went into Eemceegee Zone, following know safe area to northwest.
  • Found a huge metal tube with comfy seats and a fire extinguisher. Signs of a camp seen here.
  • Travelled to next sector and found a can of deodorant to offer as token of peace to Trump.
  • Found tracks leading to underground cave - likely occupied by Morlocks.
  • Returned to Ark as night was approaching.
  • Comfy chair went into Quark's office.

Day 4

  • Gave can of deodorant to Trump, seemed appeased. It appeared he had already found out who did lead the slave rebellion (and they had been dealt with - resulting in the loss of 3 more Ark members).
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