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Ruk is a land of amazing technology, miracles of biological enhancement, and feuds that have burned since before humanity evolved. Ruk's factions, powerful and ancient, strive always against each other.

In Ruk, the walls of the world are a literal fact, visible as massive organimer spars that pierce, protect, and lie shattered across the landscape. Outside the relative safety of the capital city Harmonious, the threats abound.


What a Recursor Knows

  • Ruk operates under the law of Mad Science and is a place of extreme biotech and body modification.
  • Ruk has hidden in Earth's shadow since before humanity evolved, and it comes from another place in the universe, apparently having fled an unremembered disaster.
  • Feuding factions rule Ruk; a faction is like a religion, corporation, and governing body rolled into one.
  • The True Code is the ancient knowledge of Ruk, much of which is lost, though many still cleave to it and attempt to rediscover it.
  • The All Song is the communal web of knowledge, insight, and inspiration that many in Ruk rely on, though many believe that reliance comes at the expense of the True Code.
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Ruk Attributes

Ruk is described in TSCB p190.
Level: 4
Laws: Mad Science
Playable Races: Humans
Foci: See list below.
Skills: Ruk Lore, All-Song Navigation
Connection to the Strange: Anyone in Ruk can see the Strange in the distance. At the edge of the recursion (called the Periphery) this view is very clear, while elsewhere it is pale and misty. Typically, creatures in the Strange cannot see Ruk, nor enter it.
Connection to Recursions: Various gates.
Traits: Strange. For any creature with the spark who attempts to recognise or understand the strange and its denizens, including identifying translated visitors from alternate recursions, as well as identifying and understanding cyphers, the difficulty to do so is modified by one step to its benefit.


Foci Appropriate for Ruk

If using the Cypher System to play in this setting, the following foci are appropriate for Ruk. Some others might be available (such as Throws Boulders/Cars/etc (TSIT p88), Goes Berserk (TSIT p48) or Soars Across the Sky (TSIT p83)), but these would reflect rare individuals. These features must be able to be explained by enhanced technology and/or extreme body modifications. Whilst such individuals may exist, the most common Foci found on Ruk (and those that can be 'dragged') are listed below.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94. Refer to our main Foci List Page for full references of the books listed below after each focus.

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below:

d100 Where to get your focus
01-25 Ruk - roll again on Column 1 below
26-50 Ruk - roll again on Column 2 below
51-75 Ruk - roll again on Column 1 below
76-90 Roll from foci on Our Main List. Still needs to be explained in the context of Ruk
91-00 Strange Specific. Roll from those on the Strange Foci list
  1. Adapts to Any Environment
  2. Aspires to be Posthuman
  3. Assists a Mad Genius
  4. Battles Robots/Automatons
  5. Blows Stuff Up
  6. Builds Robots
  7. Calculates The Incalculable
  8. Carries the Burden of Knowledge
  9. Collects Bounties
  10. Conducts Dangerous Experiments
  11. Conducts Weird Science
  12. Controls Nanomachines
  13. Constructs a Palace of the Mind
  14. Crafts Unique Objects
  15. Defends The Weak
  16. Develops Sentience For robots.
  17. Doesn't Do Much
  18. Dons a Power Suit
  19. Employs Fantastic Gadgets
  20. Entertains
  21. Excels Physically
  22. Explores Dark Places
  23. Fights Aliens
  24. Fights Dirty
  25. Fights for a Cause
  26. Fights with Panache
  27. Fires a Blaster
  28. Follows Their Feet
  1. Fuses Flesh With Steel
  2. Fuses Mind and Machine
  3. Harnesses the Body's Rhythms
  4. Heals
  5. Holds it Together
  6. Hunts Dangerous Beasts
  7. Hunts for Bounties
  8. Hunts Nonhumans/Abhumans
  9. Hunts Strange Beasts
  10. Imparts Wisdom
  11. Indulges in Worldly Pleasures
  12. Infiltrates
  13. Integrates Weaponry
  14. Is A Cyborg
  15. Just Won't Die
  16. Knows the Hidden Paths
  17. Knows Someone
  18. Knows the Streets
  19. Leads
  20. Learns Quickly
  21. Lives on the Edge
  22. Looks For Trouble
  23. Masters Defense
  24. Masters Technology
  25. Masters Weaponry
  26. Metamorphosizes
  27. Mixes Unstable Concoctions
  28. Monitors Intel
  29. Moves Like A Cat
  30. Murders
  1. Needs No Weapon
  2. Never Says Die
  3. Operates Undercover
  4. Operates Vehicles
  5. Performs Feats Of Strength
  6. Pilots Starcraft
  7. Plays Tricks
  8. Processes Information
  9. Projects Energy
  10. Pursues Physical Perfection
  11. Regenerates Tissue
  12. Reroutes Power
  13. Resides in Silicon
  14. Saves Lives
  15. Sculpts Light
  16. Separates Mind From Body
  17. Siphons Power
  18. Slices Past Security
  19. Solves Mysteries
  20. Spawns
  21. Stands Like A Bastion
  22. Steals
  23. Steals from the Rich
  24. Talks To Machines
  25. Threatens the Powerful
  26. Throws With Accuracy
  27. Wears an Iron Suit
  28. Wields Two Weapons At Once
  29. Works The Back Alleys
  30. Works The System
  31. Would Rather Be Reading
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