Random Recursions

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17th March, 2017. Added many Recursions outlined in the Translation Codex.
21st July, 2016. Some d20 Apocalypse ones.
17th July, 2016. Dragonlance

There is a d100 chart for random recursions written for The Strange in Worlds Numberless & Strange p37.

Random (Non-Strange) Recursions

  1. 50 Fathoms (Savage Worlds, drowning world)
  2. 7th Sea (Pirate, swashbuckling setting)
  3. Afterworld (Gods of the Fall setting)
  4. Alpha Complex (Paranoia RPG setting)
  5. Alternity (d20 Future Sci-fi setting)
  6. The Astral (Featureless landscape popular for psionic duels. Paranormal recursion, Translation Codex)
  7. Atom Knight's Tourney (Medieval psionic knights. Paranormal recursion, Translation Codex)
  8. Atomic Sunrise (d20 Apocalypse setting)
  9. Azeroth (World of Warcaft setting)
  10. Azentia (Fantasy by Blair)
  11. Babylon 5 RPG
  12. Barsaive (Earthdawn setting)
  13. Barsoom (John Carter of Mars - Sci-fi/Weird West based on novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  14. Bedlam City (Savage Worlds Superhero setting)
  15. Charlamagne's Paladins (D&D setting)
  16. City of Heroes (Crime City) (Supers Shane is developing - I think I got name right).
  17. City Lights (1930s gloomy noir with psionic detectives. Paranormal recursion, Translation Codex)
  18. Coriolis (Arabian knights in space. Free League Publishing setting)
  19. Crossroads of Time (Where all historical Earth's converge. Miscellaneous recursion, Translation Codex)
  20. Cthulhu - Gaslight Era (1890s)
  21. Cthulhu - Classic Era (1920s)
  22. Cthulhu - Age of Decay (modern)
  23. Cyberpunk (Indiv game, Cypher Caster mag 004)
  24. Cyberspace (City of users & programmers seeking info online. Miscellaneous recursion, Translation Codex)
  25. Dark Matter (Future/Modern d20 paranormal setting)
  26. Dark Sun
  27. Darwin's World (Savage Worlds Post Apocalyptic Setting)
  28. DC Comics Universe
  29. Deadlands (Weird West)
  30. Diamond Throne (Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed setting)
  31. Dragon Age (not sure of realm's name)
  32. Dragon Empire (13th Age setting)
  33. Dragonlance
  34. Dresden Files RPG
  35. Earth Inherited (d20 Apocalypse setting)
  36. Eberron
  37. Elfquest (RPG based on the books)
  38. Elsir Vale (3E D&D mini setting developed by Connors)
  39. Eradrake (Political low fantasy. Disenchanted recursion, Translation Codex)
  40. Fragged Empire (Post post-apoc fantasy - Australian developer)
  41. Galactic Empires (Space opera, Cypher Caster mag 002)
  42. Gamma World
  43. Glorantha
  44. Hellfrost (Savage Worlds fantasy setting)
  45. Holstenwall (Gothic horror, Cypher Caster mag issues 1, 2, 3)
  46. Hubric (Magical city. Otherworldly recursion, Translation Codex)
  47. Hyboria (Conan homeworld)
  48. Innistrad (MTG - 5E conversion, gothic horror)
  49. Iomandra (Dragon Isles by Chris Perkins, adapted by Connors)
  50. Jorune
  51. Kingdoms of Kalamar
  52. Kodo (setting by Connors)
  53. Lake Ashylnar (Old fantasy. Otherworldly recursion, Translation Codex)
  54. Last Action Hero (Hollywood blockbuster movie cliche world - based on movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  55. Marvel Heroic RPG (Marvel Comics Role Playing Game)
  56. Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings setting)
  57. Modern (d20, set in an alternate real world with a few historical changes, a.k.a. What If?)
  58. Mutant: Year Zero (Post apoc' setting by Free League Publishing).
  59. Necessary Evil (Savage Worlds super villains)
  60. Necropolis 2350
  61. Nentir Vale (4E D&D mini setting)
  62. Nucleus City (Metropolis overrun by super-villains. Pseudoscientific recursion, Translation Codex)
  63. Numenera
  64. Nyambe: African Adventures
  65. Mighty Fortress (D&D Renaissance)
  66. The Olympians (based on the books/movies Percy Jackson & the Olympians, where the PCs are demigods born in the modern world. Could even use other pantheons, inc. Roman, Norse, Egyptian, etc)
  67. Peril City (Action movies. Earthly recursion, Translation Codex)
  68. Pirates of the Spanish Main(Savage Worlds setting)
  69. Piston (Steampunk city of tubes & gears. Pseudoscientific recursion, Translation Codex)
  70. Plague World (d20 Apocalypse setting)
  71. Planescape (random D&D plane)
  72. Pulp Earth (Savage Worlds)
  73. Ravenloft (D&D gothic horror, perfect for a recursion)
  74. Rippers (Savage Worlds monster hunters)
  75. Rokugan: Oriental Adventures
  76. Sector Agents (Space police, Cypher Caster mag 006)
  77. Sengoku (Feudal Japan. Disenchanted recursion, Translation Codex)
  78. Sherwood Forest (Low fantasy. Alternate awakened animals version too. Disenchanted recursion, Translation Codex)
  79. Slaine (Celtic Hero RPG Setting, also 2E D&D sourcebook)
  80. Slip Stream (Savage Worlds sci-fi)
  81. Solomon Kane (Savage Worlds setting)
  82. Star Wars
  83. Summer Isle (Dark Age fantasy by Connors)
  84. Sundered Skies
  85. Suzerain (Savage worlds ancient-styled setting)
  86. Tiny World (Arrive in house shrunken. Earthly recursion, Translation Codex)
  87. TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG by Eastman & Laird)
  88. Tombstone Station (Aliens & cowboys. Miscellaneous recursion, Translation Codex)
  89. Toon (cartoon RPG ala Bugs Bunny/Roger Rabbit)
  90. Top Secret (James Bond style spy blockbuster)
  91. Tortuga (Fantasy priates. Otherworldly recursion, Translation Codex)
  92. Totems of the Dead (Savage Worlds American Indian Adventures)
  93. Traveller (Sci-fi)
  94. Unwary Town (Small town 1950s terrorised by monsters. Pseudoscientific recursion, Translation Codex)
  95. Vale of Callus (fantasy by Shane)
  96. The 'Verse (Firefly setting)
  97. Viking Mythology (D&D 2E book, several recursions in Cypher Caster mag 001)
  98. War of the Dead (Savage Worlds zombies)
  99. Weird Wars - Rome
  100. Weird Wars - Vietnam
  101. Weird Wars - WWI
  102. Weird Wars - WWII
  103. Werewolf RPG
  104. Westeros
  105. Wild West (Several games inc Aces & 8s)
  106. Zeitgeist (4E & PF fantasy steampunk from ENWorld)
  107. Zuomeng (Oriental swashbuckling w anthropomorphic animals & elemental spirits, Cypher Caster 005, 006)
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