Eleventh Reich

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Gandhi, revered for his positive political activism, considered the following traits to be the most spiritually perilous. In Eleventh Reich, they're considered virtues, which tells you almost everything you need to know about the recursion. Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Science without humanity. Knowledge without character. Politics without principle. Commerce without morality. Worship without sacrifice.

In the Eleventh Reich, Germany won WWII and went on to create an empire that rules most of the 'planet'. It is typified by rampant military glorification, mandatory military enlistment, extreme racism, scientific research unrestrained by ethics or morality, fascination with biblicam magical talismans, and extreme paranoia in an environment where anyone could be called out as an enemy of the state for any reason.


What a Recursor Knows

  • The Eleventh Reich operates under the law of Mad Science and Magic, though the technology and magic that most natives see from day to day function at mid-twentieth-century levels.
  • Each citizen of Eleventh Reich has a military rank, which begins when children are inducted into the Nazi Youth at age seven, the "age of reason."
  • The Schutzstaffel (also known as the SS) operates outside the regular military and everyone fears them.
  • The SS sponsors superscience laboratories staffed with mad scientists, as well as hidden schools of magic where ritualists study relics and talismans collected from dead religions.
  • High-ranking Eleventh Reich officers can choose to "ascend" by undergoing a process that turns them into "Ubermensch," which are essentially undead cyborgs.
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Eleventh Reich Attributes

The Eleventh Reich is described in Worlds Numberless & Strange p55, but also takes a lot of inspiration from Savage Worlds' Weird Wars: Weird War II core book.

Level: 6
Laws: Mad Science, Magic
Playable Races: Humans
Foci: See list below.
Skills: Eleventh Reich lore.
Connection to the Strange: Within some radioactive craters spotting the edge of Welthaupstadt Germania.
Connection to Earth: None currently known.
Traits: Brutal. The difficulty of tasks related to pleasant social interaction is increased one step.


Foci Appropriate for the Eleventh Reich

If using the Cypher System to play in this setting, the following foci are appropriate. Other foci may be appropriate if you were to have access to Nazi technologies and practices, but the below list assumes that you are an enemy of the Reich.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94. Refer to our main Foci List Page for full references of the books listed below after each focus.

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below:

d100 Where to get your focus
01-25 Eleventh Reich - roll again on Column 1 below
26-50 Eleventh Reich - roll again on Column 2 below
51-75 Eleventh Reich - roll again on Column 3 below
76-90 Roll from all foci on Our Main List. Focus still needs to be explained in the context of the Eleventh Reich
91-00 Strange Specific. Roll from those on the Strange Foci list
  1. Assists a Mad Genius (TC p50)
  2. Blows Stuff Up (House, see below)
  3. Calculates the Incalculable (CSRB p101, TSIT p35)
  4. Commands Armies (TC p36)
  5. Conducts Dangerous Experiments (TC p53)
  6. Conducts Weird Science (CSRB p109, TSCB p55)
  7. Constructs a Palace of the Mind (TC p91)
  8. Counts Coins (TC p10)
  9. Defends the Weak (CSRB p116, NCO p56)
  10. Drives Dangerously (TC p69)
  11. Drives Like a Maniac (SR p7)
  12. Employs Fantastic Gadgets (TC p58)
  13. Employs Sex Appeal (TC p70)
  14. Entertains (CSRB p120, NCRB p60, TSCB p61)
  15. Excels Physically (TSIT p44)
  16. Fights Dirty (CSRB p125, NCO p59)
  17. Fights Dirty (TC p131)
  18. Fights for a Cause (TC p71)
  19. Finds Lost Relics (TC p72)
  20. Fires All Weapons (TC p121)
  21. Follows Their Feet (TC p14)
  1. Fuses Flesh With Steel A result of Nazi experiments.
  2. Heals
  3. Hunts Outcasts/Mutants
  4. Hunts Strange Beasts
  5. Hunts Zombies
  6. Hunts With Great Skill
  7. Imparts Wisdom
  8. Indulges in Worldly Pleasures
  9. Integrates Weaponry Relies on Nazi tech.
  10. Is a Cyborg A result of Nazi experiments.
  11. Is Idolized by Millions
  12. Is Licensed to Carry
  13. Just Won't Die
  14. Knows Someone
  15. Knows the Hidden Paths
  16. Knows the Streets
  17. Knows These Parts
  18. Leads
  19. Learns Quickly
  20. Lives on the Edge
  21. Looks for Trouble
  1. Masters Weaponry
  2. Moves Like a Cat
  3. Murders
  4. Never Says Die
  5. Operates Undercover
  6. Operates Vehicles
  7. Protects the Weak
  8. Quells Undead
  9. Saves Lives
  10. Smites the Wicked
  11. Solves Mysteries
  12. Speaks Every Language
  13. Speaks with a Silver Tongue
  14. Stands Like a Bastion
  15. Steals
  16. Steals from the Rich
  17. Threatens the Powerful
  18. Throws With Accuracy
  19. Wields Two Weapons At Once
  20. Works The Back Alleys
  21. Works The System
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