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Earth Prime Attributes

The 'Earth' used for this setting is described in TSCB p147.
Level: 5
Laws: Standard Physics
Playable Races: Humans
Foci: See list below.
Skills: As listed on main skills list.
Connection to the Strange: No direct connection; trips to the Strange require a trip through a recursion that has a connection to the Strange.
Connection to Recursions: Various gates.
Traits: None.


Foci Appropriate for Earth Prime

If using the Cypher System to play in this setting, the following foci are appropriate for Prime Earth. As such, they can typically be translated to most other recursions/worlds, (though that will depend upon the technology level of some recursions). Other foci are possible on Prime Earth, with the appropriate story, but the list below represents the most common and mundane foci. Note that there are other mundane foci more appropriate for historical or fantasy settings that could be used (such as Carries a Quiver and Defends the Weak), but do not appear below due to their rarity or reliance upon equipment not commonly used in this time period.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94. Refer to our main Foci List Page for full references of the books listed below after each focus.

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below:

d100 Where to get your focus
01-60 General Group
61-90 Modern List
91-95 Strange Specific
96-00 Full List. You still need to make sure this focus can be explained in the context of Prime Earth.


The Estate

This is the major organisation that investigates starange phenonmenon but operates as a science awards funding society. Characters are likely to work for The Estate.

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