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This setting is a post apocalyptic world where the survivors have developed mutant powers but cannot produce children. Several arks have kept the people safe, but the Elders are disappearing just like the food supplies and it is time to see what is out there. The setting in in the same book as the rules we are using: Mutant: Year Zero by Fria Ligan and available on the Modiphius website. The setting is introduced in the core book on page 7.



Silo Ark Campaign

(See the top navigation bar to links to the adventurer's journal and the characters involved).

This is a very new campaign we started with two players when the other half of our group could not make a game. It is set in the Dawnworld, a post apocalyptic setting and uses the Mutant: Year Zero rules by Fria Liga Publishing. (A fantastic d6 dice pool game that we have also adopted to other settings, such as Star Wars).

At this stage we have only completed two sessions of this campaign, where we established the Ark and the characters went on their first foray into the Zone.

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