Cypher System - Strange Foci

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Strange Foci

All of the following Foci are specific to The Strange setting and would not find any use in other settings.

To take on of the following foci, you must have translated at least once.

  1. Adapts to Any Environment (The Strange Corebook p54)
  2. Bleeds Fiction (Translation Codex p124)
  3. Discovers Recursions (Translation Codex p125)
  4. Manipulates Strange Energy (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p61).
  5. Mines for Cyphers (Translation Codex p126)
  6. Thrives in Chaos (Translation Codex p127)
  7. Thwarts Planetovores (Translation Codex p128)
  8. Translates (The Strange Corebook p80).


  1. TC = Translation Codex, Ryan Chaddock Games (available here on DriveThruRPG).
  2. TSCB = The Strange core book, Bruce R.Cordell & Monte Cook.
  3. TSIT = The Strange In Translation: Character Options, Bruce R. Cordell.
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