Paragon City is this Earth's major city, where superheroes and villains once thrived. That all changed when the Rikti attacked and decimated the majority of superheroes. Only a few survived and they have put out the call to new heroes to come forth and help protect the city and innocent from the forces of evil that still flourish. This is an Earth where high tech, magic, mutants, mad science and aliens all combine making it a dangerous place for all those who inhabit it.

Paragon City takes the place of Providence, Rhode Island, in the City of Heroes universe. It takes the place of New York City as America's most famous city, and perhaps in all the world.

The first heroes were found in Paragon, starting with Statesman (Marcus Cole) in the 1920s. In World War II, Paragon was attacked by the German 5th Column, led by Requiem, at the same time the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. However, the most important event happened in 2002: The Rikti Invasion. Natives of a parallel universe, the Rikti attacked Earth without warning and caused global devastation. Paragon City was at ground zero of the invasion, and the superpowered resistance. Through the heroic sacrifices of the Omega Team, led by the British Hero 1, who shut down the portals from the Rikti side, the invasion forces were cut off from their homeworld. Unfortunately, by this time huge portions of Paragon had been destroyed, and almost all the heroes were slaughtered.

Several years later Paragon City has been divided into zones by massive War Walls to keep order, and the Freedom Phalanx's 'Surviving Eight' (Statesman, Positron, Synapse, Manticore, Sister Psyche, Citadel, Numina and Back Alley Brawler) have called out for new heroes to save the besieged city. Do you have what it takes?


What a Recusor Knows About Paragon City

  • You are a Super Hero, or at least you could be.
  • Aliens, undead, street gangs, spirits and even nazi-esque militants are among some of the foes present.
  • Superheroes are government sanctioned to a point.
  • Established heroes position themselves around the city to offer guidance.

Paragon City, City of Heroes Attributes

Level: 3
Laws: Exotic (Magic, Mad Science & Psionics all co-exist in this recursion)
Playable Races: Humans (though may not appear human due to mutation, magic, scientific accident etc)
Foci: See list below.
Skills: Superhuman lore
Connection to the Strange: Inhabitants generally unaware of The Strange, though do know of the existence of portals to other dimensions, due to Rikti and interviews with superhumans. Virtually all portals are controlled by the Portal Corporation or Lord Recluse. However not all portals lead to Earth Prime, most go to the Shadow Shard. It also appears that the Rikti have recovered as there have been reports of them again porting into Paragon City from their home dimension.
Traits: Tough: A creature, with the spark, making a recovery roll adds 1 to the roll.


Foci Appropriate for Paragon City, City of Heroes

The very nature of the superhero genre means that tight Foci are not always applicable, therefore some latitude can be given to the assigning of Tier powers even if they fall outside of the main focus (CSRB p269, Tailoring…).

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below:

  1. Abides in Stone (CSRB p94, TSCB p51)
  2. Adapts to Any Environment (TSCB p54)
  3. Adopts Animal Qualities (TC p49)
  4. Aspires to be Posthuman (TSIT p29)
  5. Awakens Dangerous Psychic Talent (TSCB p236)
  6. Becomes Bacterial (WNS p196)
  7. Bears a Halo of Fire (CSRB p98, NCRB p52)
  8. Blazes with Radiance/Possess Shard of Sun (CSRBp99, NCOp72)
  9. Brandishes a Death Ray (TC p51)
  10. Builds Robots (CSRB p100, TSIT p33)
  11. Builds Robots (TC p52)
  12. Carries a Quiver (CSRB p102, NCRB p54, TSCB p55)
  13. Casts Spells (CSRB p103, TSIT p36)
  14. Changes Shape (TC p33)
  15. Changes the Nature of Things (TC p89)
  16. Channels Divine Blessings (CSRB p105, TSIT p39)
  17. Channels the Elements (TC p34)
  18. Chills with a Touch (TC p90)
  19. Commands Mental Powers (CSRB p107, NCRB p54)
  20. Constantly Evolves (NCO p55) For mutants only.
  21. Controls Beasts (CSRB p111, NCRB p55)
  22. Controls Gravity (CSRB p113, NCRB p56)
  23. Controls Nanomachines (TSIT p42)
  24. Controls the Weather (TC p54)
  25. Crafts Illusions (CSRB p115, NCRB p57)
  26. Defends the Weak (CSRB p116, NCO p56)
  27. Defies the Laws of Physics (TC p55)
  28. Displays Titan Strength (TC p114)
  29. Dons a Power Suit (TC p57)
  30. Employs Fantastic Gadgets (TC p58)
  31. Employs Magnetism (CSRB p119, NCRB p57)
  32. Excels Physically (TSIT p44)
  33. Exists Partially Out of Phase (CSRB p122, NCRB p60)

34. Explores Deep Waters (CSRB p124, NCO p57)
35. Feeds the Flame (TC p92)
36. Fights Dirty (CSRB p125, NCO p59)
37. Fights like a Demigod (TC p115)
38. Fights with Panache (CSRB p126, NCRB p62)
39. Find the Flaws in All Things (GotF 130)
40. Fires a Blaster (TSIT p46)
41. Focuses Mind Over Matter (CSRB p129, NCRB p63)
42. Follows the Code of Bushido (WNS p198)
43. Fuses Flesh With Steel (CSRB p129, NCRB p64)
44. Goes Berserk (TSIT p48)
45. Grows To Towering Heights (CSRB p133, TSIT p50)
46. Haunts the Rooftops (WNS p199)
47. Howls At The Moon (CSRB p134, NCRB p64)
48. Infiltrates (CSRB p138, TSCB p62)
49. Inks Spells On Skin (WNS p200)
50. Integrates Weaponry (TSCB p63)
51. Is a Cyborg (TSIT p55)
52. Just Won't Die (TC p75)
53. Leads (CSRB p143, NCRB p66, TSCB p65)
54. Looks for Trouble (CSRB p145, TSCB p68)
55. Masters Defense (CSRB p146, NCRB p68)
56. Masters Foot & Fist (WNS p203)
57. Masters the Swarm/Insects (CSRB p147, NCO p65)
58. Masters Weaponry (CSRB p148, NCRB p69)
59. Masters Wuxia (TSIT p63)
60. Metes Out Justice (CSRB p149, NCO p66)
61. Metamorphosizes (TSCB p69)
62. Roll from foci on Our Main List. Focus needs to be explained in the context of the City of Heroes setting
63. Moves Like a Cat (CSRB p150, NCO p68)
64. Moves Like the Wind (CSRB p151)
65. Needs No Weapon (CSRB p153, NCO p68, TSIT p67)

66. Never Says Die (CSRB p154, NCO p70)
67. Operates Undercover (CSRB p155, TSCB p70)
68. Performs Feats Of Strength (CSRB p156, NCO p71)
69. Plays with Portals (TC p60)
70. Projects Energy (TSIT p71)
71. Pursues Physical Perfection (TC p10)
72. Rages (CSRB p158, NCRB p71)
73. Regenerates Tissue (TSCB p75)
74. Rejuvenates the Infirm (TSIT p73)
75. Rides the Lightning (CSRB p159, NCRB p71)
76. Saves Lives (TC p81)
77. Scores Points (TC p82)
78. Sculpts Light (TSIT p77)
79. Siphons Power (CSRB p165, NCO p76)
80. Smites the Wicked (TSIT p81)
81. Soars Across the Sky (TSIT p83)
82. Solves Mysteries (CSRB p167, TSCB p78)
83. Spawns (TSCB p79)
84. Speaks for the Land (CSRB p169, TSIT p84)
85. Stands Like a Bastion (CSRB p170, NCO p77)
86. Steals (TSIT p86)
87. Talks to Machines (CSRB p171, NCRB p72)
88. Roll from foci on Our Main List. Focus needs to be explained in the context of the City of Heroes setting
89. Throws Boulders/Cars/etc (TSIT p88)
90. Throws With Accuracy (CSRB p173, NCO p78)
91. Walks with the Night (GotF 134)
92. Wears an Iron Suit (TSIT p89)
93. Wears A Sheen Of Ice (CSRB p176, NCRB p73)
94. Wears A Steam-Powered Suit - (SR p9)
95. Wields Cosmic Power (TC p63)
96. Wields Invisible Forces (TC p103)
97. Wields Two Weapons At Once (CSRB p177, NCRB p75, TSCB p82)
98. Works Miracles (CSRB p178, NCRB p75, TSCB p82)
99. Roll from foci on Our Main List. Focus needs to be explained in the context of the City of Heroes setting.
100. Strange Specific. Roll from those on the Strange Foci list


Special - Costume/Outfit

At tier 1 all Superheroes & Supervillians gain access to a Suit as described in Worlds Numberless & Strange (p86)

The tier 1 Suit feature is added to a focus only when the GM wishes to make that focus available. The Suit feature grants the character a specially made outfit that serves as light armor. The PC is practiced in wearing the suit, so she can wear it
for long periods without the usual Might cost per hour or Speed Pool reduction.
The suit also usually comes with a utility belt, a mask or helmet, integrated smartphone functionality, and so on.
(A basic utility belt includes a custom communication device, 50 feet [15 m] of coiled level 6 fiber, a custom flashlight, and space for other small devices.)
Finally, the suit makes the character look suitably superheroic.

Suit - Travel Powers

At tiers 2 & 5 PC's gain a movement power set from below (both must be from the same group) as a part of their Super Suits capabilities. If the PC has one of the powers as a part of their Focus then they can either double the duration, distance and speed or half the cost (rounded up) of the powers (but not both).

Moves In Leaps and Bounds

Tier 2 - Combat Leap (1 Speed Point): You can leap to a location within short range and make a melee attack at any point along that path as a part of the same action. Action.
Tier 5 - Leaps Over Towers (3+ Might Points): You can leap between two points that are within 300 feet (91m). Each level of Effort you apply increases the distance you can leap by 300 feet (91m). Action
Tier 5 - Improving Strength: you add 2 points to your Might Pool.

Moves Like the Wind

Tier 2 - Speed: You gain 2 additional points to your Speed Pool and are trained in Speed based defense tasks. Enabler.
Tier 2 - Running Speed: You move much farther than normal in a round. This means that as a part of another action, you can move up to a short distance. As an action you can either move a long distance or up to 200 feet (61m) as a Speed based task with a difficulty of 4. Enabler.
Tier 5 - Blink of an Eye (4 Speed Points): You can move up to 1000 feet (305m) in one round. Action.
Tier 5 - Up to Speed: If you do nothing but move for three actions in a row, you accelerate greatly and can move up to 200mph/322kph (about 2,000 feet / 610m, each round) for up to ten minutes (about 35 miles/ 56km), after which you must stop and make a recovery roll. Enabler

Soars Across the Sky

Tier 2 - Hover (1 Speed Point): You float slowly into the air. As your action, you can concentrate to remain motionless in the air or move up to a short distance, but no more; otherwise, you drift with the wind or with any momentum you have gained. This effect lasts for up to twenty minutes. Action to initiate.
Tier 5 - Flight (3+ Speed Points): You can fly or float through the air for one hour. In terms of overland movement, you move about 30 miles (48km) per hour and are not affected by terrain. For each level of effort you can increase your speed by 30 miles (48km) per hour. Action to initiate.
Tier 5 - Flying Punch: When you make a melee attack while using Flight (whether fist, knee, elbow or weapon), you deal 1 additional point of damage. Enabler.


Tier 2 - Nearby Portal (1 Speed point): You can create two portals, each within a Short distance of your location. Only you can step between these portals. You must be able to see each location and there must be no intervening barriers. Action
Tier 5 - Teleporter (3 Intellect Points): You can move a long distance from one location to another instantaneously (carried by a bolt of lightning, disappearing and reappearing in a flash of light, just blinking out and then in again etc). You must be able to see the new location, and there must be no intervening barriers. Action

Natural Transport

Tier 2 - Parkour: You can move a long distance each round if you used your previous action and current action only to move. You can move through cityscapes without ever touching the ground by running and jumping between roofs, fire escapes and building ledges, but when you do so, you only move a short distance each round. You are trained in balancing and catching yourself to avoid falling. Enabler.
Tier 5 - Vehicle: Your suit alters its composition so that you now have access to a vehicle capable of speeds up 100 miles (160km) per hour. The vehicle can only traverse one type of terrain (ie land, water or air) and is keyed to your DNA. Activating the vehicle takes an action. The vehicle has an Armor bonus of +2 while in use and can sustain 15 points of damage before reverting to jsut a suit and repairs are required. The suit vehicle is powered by a Ritki hybrid engine and requires no fuel. You are also trained in the required Pilot skill to operate your vehicle.


Power Shifts

The optional rule as laid out in the Cypher System Core Rulebook p270, will be in use. Each player gets 5 power shifts available to them, which once assigned cannot be changed.

NB: Each shift reduces the difficulty of a task by one step (except for shifts that affect damage or Armor, as specified).

Rather than trying to create the primary archetypes of CoH (Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrappers & Tanks) powers are determined by Foci and Power Shifts are used to create these CoH archtypes. Power shifts are therefore divided into Primary (PPS) and Secondary (SPS). Each player must choose only one of the primary power shifts and this must be higher or equal to any other power shift (i.e. individual secondary power shifts cannot ever exceed the level of primary power shifts).

Primary Power Shifts

Blaster: All ranged attacks reduce the difficulty of the attack by 1 step and add +1 damage.
Controller: Difficulty tasks that manipulate or control a specific field/group (e.g robots, animals, zombies, fire, water, insect swarm etc)
Defender: Difficulty tasks that either benefit an ally or weaken an enemy (without doing damage).
Scrapper: All melee attacks reduce the difficulty of the attack by 1 step and add +1 damage.
Tank: Might defense rolls are reduced by 1 step per shift and Armor is +1 per shift (may not choose Resilience as a SPS).

Secondary Power Shifts

Accuracy: All attack rolls
Dexterity: Movement, acrobatics, initiative and Speed defense rolls.
Healing: Once extra recovery roll per shift (each once action & comes before any normal recovery rolls).
Intelligence: Intellect defense rolls and all knowledge, science and crafting tasks
Power: Use of a specific power, includes damage (+3 additional points damage per shift). Does not include attacks rolls.
Resilience: Might defense rolls are reduced by 1 step per shift and Armor is +1 per shift.
Single Attack: For one specific attack Attack rolls (reduce difficulty by 1 step per shift) and damage (+3 additional damage per shift)
Strength: All tasks involving strength, including jumping and dealing damage in melee or thrown attacks (+3 additional damage per shift), but not attack rolls.


NB: This is my homage to the game.

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