Cannibal Wasteland

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Cannibal Wasteland is a small recursion seeded from stories and movies about a bombed-out world where small bands of survivors have resorted to feudalism, cannibalism, and fetishisation of cars and guns. Food is obviously scarce and guns and petrol act as currency.

The land is a desert subject to severe storms that may reveal lost treasures in the wastes.

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What a Recursor Knows

  • Cannibal Wasteland operates under the law of Mad Science. It is a post-apocalyptic recursion where slightly advanced Earth-level technology is the norm, but it is hard to come by. Such items as weapons and vehicles are greatly valued, but are often highly modified.
  • Radiation is noticeable and the place seems to mess with standard translation rules.
  • Not much more is initially known about Cannibal Wasteland, as it is likely an accident the recursor has been drawn to this recursion against their will.

Cannibal Wasteland Attributes

This recursion is described in WNS p103.
Level: 3
Laws: Mad Science
Playable Races: Human (possibly with mutations)
Foci: See list below.
Skills: Driving Stunts; Cannibal Wastelands Lore.
Connection to the Strange: Brief connections to the Strange might open within the heart of a raging sandstorm.
Connection to Earth: A few gates.
Traits: Crazed. At the GM's discretion, the difficulty of an insanely dangerous stunt, such as jumping between two moving vehicles, is reduced by one step for anyone with the spark.


Foci Appropriate for Cannibal Wasteland

If using the Cypher System to play in this setting, the most common foci are listed below. Other foci might be possible, but the player would need a way to explain the features under the law of Mad Science.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94. Refer to our main Foci List Page for full references of the books listed below after each focus.

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below:

d100 Where to get your focus
01-25 Cannibal Wasteland - roll again on Column 1 below
26-50 Cannibal Wasteland - roll again on Column 2 below
51-75 Cannibal Wasteland - roll again on Column 1 below
76-90 Roll from all those available on Our Main List. You still need to make sure this focus can be explained in the context of Cannibal Wasteland
91-00 Strange Specific. Roll from those on the Strange Foci list
  1. Adapts to Any Environment
  2. Awakens Dreams
  3. Blows Stuff Up
  4. Conducts Weird Science
  5. Consorts With The Dead
  6. Constantly Evolves For mutants only.
  7. Crafts Unique Objects
  8. Drives Dangerously
  9. Drives Like A Maniac
  10. Employs Sex Appeal
  11. Entertains
  12. Excels Physically
  13. Fights Dirty
  14. Finds Lost Relics
  15. Follows Their Feet
  16. Heals
  1. Hunts Outcasts/Mutants
  2. Hunts With Great Skill
  3. Imparts Wisdom
  4. Indulges in Worldly Pleasures
  5. Infiltrates
  6. Integrates Weaponry
  7. Is Licensed To Carry
  8. Just Won't Die
  9. Knows Someone
  10. Knows the Hidden Paths
  11. Knows These Parts
  12. Leads
  13. Learns Quickly
  14. Lives in the Wilderness
  15. Lives on the Edge
  16. Looks For Trouble
  1. Masters Weaponry
  2. Moves Like A Cat
  3. Murders
  4. Never Says Die
  5. Operates Vehicles
  6. Performs Feats Of Strength
  7. Plays Tricks
  8. Regenerates Tissue
  9. Siphons Power
  10. Saves Lives
  11. Solves Mysteries
  12. Steals
  13. Talks To Machines
  14. Throws With Accuracy
  15. Wields Two Weapons At Once
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