Full Time Members of Team 13


Earth - Prime Blighted Earth Ardeyn Star Wars City of Heroes Weird West
Human Human Human Human Human Human
Explores Dark Places Commands Mental Powers Hunts with Great Skill Operates Vehicles (Star-craft) Infiltrates Serves & Protects

On Prime Earth: An Impulsive Explorer/Vector (Magic-flavoured) who Explores Dark Places (played by Nicko)

Earth Background: Kilian grew up in Ballarat. as a child loved to explore the area, found old miners tunnels and felt very much at home exploring any cave system he encountered. joined many caving groups and over the years has explored most of Australia's uncharted cave systems, including the ones in WA great Australian bite limestone caves among some of the most extensive in the world. he figured one of the few ways to fund his lifestyle was to either become a guide or a treasure hunter. he did both becoming a leader in his field world wide as he traveled to other continents to explore there. he has discovered many archaeological sites of interest to many scientists in his travels especially in Europe. his "fame" attracted the attention of the estate as they saw a need for an operative with his skill set and soon after accepted a position at the estate full time, reducing his exploration to the weekends.

Personality: Loyal, eager to explore/discover new mysteries, impulsive, bored easily needs to be doing something as apposed to sitting around talking about doing something.

gaming goals: to discover new things (either sites or information), to expand skill set.

wish list:continue working for the estate, obtain cool equipment to augment his skills (Armour, weapons, breathing apparatus, night-vision lenses, etc) but also to amass enough wealth to ensure he did not have to work for a living and was able to continue being an explorer.

Blighted World 'Background': Kilian grew up on the ark, lived there his entire life, lived with mother (Zoe) who is a scientist working on captured alien technology. His father (Ben) was flushed into space after it was discovered he had been stealing equipment and materials from the laboratory and selling them on the black market to supplement merge rations. Zoe's work in the laboratory mainly focused on alien weaponry (That was captured prior to the nuclear weapons detonating on earth and transported to the ark) and in her field she is quiet knowledgeable and has become one of the lead scientists on the ark.

When Kilian was a child Ben gave him one of the power crystals from the alien weapons as a token/present it was fashioned into a necklace he wore around his neck. As Kilian grew up, the close proximity to the crystal must have altered his development (he is not entirely sure how) but he found that he had developed some unusual powers. The powers were elusive at first, like being able to tell what Zoe was thinking at quiet times or being able to send messages to Zoe in times of distress, but as he grew the powers became more stable and have developed to a point where he is able to control them most of the time.

Kilian developed few relationships with people in the ark but he spend a lot of time with his friend Pyrast sharing a common interest in aliens and unusual powers. One day he ran into Pyrast and he was talking to himself about going on a trip to Earth, once he realized Kilian was there he asked him what he was talking about and explained he was going to the surface, with not much else on for that day Kilian thought it was a good idea and joined him to see what was there to see.

Personality: Kilian has always been a curious soul and tends to act prior to thinking through the possible consequences. He gets restless easily and is a little impatient with waiting around for others to decide what should be done thinking through all the possible outcomes, given a choice he would choose to act rather than talk about acting. This has resulted in Kilian getting himself and others around him in trouble with the ark security forces but nothing too serious, it has also meant that people seem to distance themselves from Kilian as he is seen as a little reckless and unpredictable, with the one exception being Pyrast.

Gaming Goals: To find out more about the alien technology, why and how it has changed him, ultimately see the aliens eradicated from Earth and for humans to resettle in there place. To discover more about earth, develop new skills to help him survive on the surface.**

Wish List: a safe and secure "home" on Earth, to be able to own and fly a plane/jet/alien fighter plane, obtain more alien tech ( weaponry and armor), glowing light sword

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  • Weird West @ tier 3
  • Prime Earth @ tier 3
  • Supers @ tier 2
  • Star Wars @ tier 1
  • Blighted Earth @ tier 1


Max Steel

Max%20Steel%20Supers.jpg Max%20Steel%20-%20WW.jpg HeroForge%20-%20Max%202.png
Earth - Prime & Blighted Ardeyn Star Wars City of Heroes Weird West
Human Human Chadra-Fan Human Human
Wields Two Weapons at Once Controls Beasts Knows Someone Wields Two Weapons at Once Wields Two Weapons at Once

On Prime Earth: A Strong-Willed Explorer/Vector who Wields Two Weapons at Once (played by Angus)

Background: Max has always been interested in weapons, from hunting with his grandfather to training in jujitsu for a while. But Max has always had trouble sticking with something. He dropped our of police academy, tried his hand at security and then fell into a job as a personal 'assistant' for Brandon Bailey, the mentally disturbed son of a Victorian senator. In the end it was Brandon that led Max to the Estate, but nor in a normal, run-of-the-mill way.
During one of Brandon's stays in the Norwood Recuperation Facility, he had a rather animated episode, screaming about 'not wanting to become a butterfly', and that he 'could not do it anymore'. Staff sedated him, placed him in a padded cell and left Max to guard him. But after a few hours Brandon had disappeared. Max was completely amazed. Of course the facility blamed Max and were convinced that Max helped Brandon escape. But he didn't. Brandon had vanished from the cell. Of course when Max related this story to Senator Bailey he was dismissed as crazy. Everyone was sure Max knew where Brandon was.
Whilst trying to forget the ordeal by drinking in a bar, 2 Estate recruiting officers sat with Max, told him how they believed him and understood how he feels. They even said they knew Brandon and of his activities as a Butterfly Objector. After convincing Max to come to HQ and tell his story, the Estate told him they had a need for a guy like him. They have assured him that he is not crazy, but needs to keep quiet about what he has seen. And in his 6 months at the Estate HQ Max has seen a lot, including joining a group to help build their own 'world' and then travel to that recursion. Nothing surprises Max anymore… and he loves his job, especially if he gets to rough up a few opponents of the Estate.
Blighted World 'Background: Was a guard on the Ark.
Gaming Goals:
Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)

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  • Weird West @ tier 2
  • Prime Earth @ tier 2
  • Supers @ tier 2
  • Star Wars @ tier 1
  • Blighted Earth @ tier 1



Earth Prime Blighted Earth Ardeyn Star Wars City of Heroes Weird West
Human Human Qephilim Human Human Human
Calculates the Incalculable Siphons Power Embraces Qephilim Ancestry Focuses Mind Over Matter Works Miracles Finds The Flaw In All Things

On Prime Earth: A Stealthy Paradox/Adept with technology flavor who Calculates the Incalculable (played by Shane)

Background: Began doing complex mathematics at the age of 7, but kept it hidden from his blue-collar parents who always put down colleges and those who, in McKay's eyes, where obviously much smarter than them. Became increasingly bored and frustrated at school as he always found it beneath his level of intelligence. Acting out he began consorting with some less savory friends who taught him skills that he otherwise would never have learned. Using these skills, and some that he acquired on his own he hacked into the computer system of The Estate to see who was going to be this years winners of the Morrison Fellowship Prizes so that he could in turn steal the money from them. A few days later members of The Estate came to his house and upon investigating found him to be quickened and recruited him into the organisation.

Blighted Earth "Background": A small time thief, computer and electronics geek and tinkerer, he was infected by nanites while exploring a disused and secret laboratory in a part of the Ark, which gave him some unusual abilities. Later after he "accidentally" reversed the camera feed from the stations Chancellor private quarters, showing him in a compromising position with three other people he was given the choice of joining the expedition down to Earth or to be spaced (blown into the vacuum of space). Naturally he chose the expedition.

Personality: Socially awkward, Believes he is intellectually superior to others, Self-survivalist

Gaming Goals: Live at all costs.

Wish List:

(Cypher Character Sheet attached under files as Tier 3 as at 12/3/17)


Pyrast Erkhardt

HeroForge%20-%20Pyrast.png HeroForge%20-%20Pyrast%20Henchman.png
Prime Earth Blighted Earth Ardeyn Star Wars City of Heroes Wierd West
Human Human Human 4th-Degree Droid Human/Golem Human
Is Idolised by Millions Sees the Unseen Steals Never Says Die Abides in Stone Employs Fantastic Gadgets

On Prime Earth: A Mad Explorer/Vector who Is Idolized By Millions (played by Blair)

Background: Pyrast was reported missing as a child, and was thought to be the victim of a kidnapping for several weeks. There were no clues as to his disappearance and no demands for ransom. Just as mysteriously as he vanished, he suddenly reappeared at his parents' house, seemingly with no memory of where he had been, or even that time had passed.
Convinced that he had been taken to another world, Pyrast began investigating all things alien, reading books, watching movies and documentaries, and listening to any story, rumor or legend of the time. While his parents had tried everything they could think of to find out what happened, they dismissed his strange behaviour as a coping mechanism.
Not to be deterred though, Pyrast had his first true "vision" at the age of 16. This was Pyrast’s first Translation, which ultimately led to his discovery by Katherine Manners and The Estate. They attempted to remove the memory from his mind, however Pyrast's unusual mental state meant that their techniques didn't stick.
Eventually they opted to recruit him, as he showed a flair for travel through the Strange that would clearly assist them with their mission, and genuinely appeared to understand the need to keep all this information confidential.
Pyrast combined his travels into the other world with a growing celebrity in the real world. To some, he was heralded as a hero of the cause, though to others, he was more infamous, condemned as an oddity and ridiculed for his bizarre convictions.
Pyrast’s fame derived from his scientific insights, usually into some of the more bizarre topics, such as alien life and multiple dimensions. None of his hypotheses have ever been proven, or are thought to be able to be proven. He is a regular on talk shows and guest panels, and often mixes with the "It" crowd.
Pyrast's knowledge of other Recursions, and the ability to design parameters for new Recursions, has been invaluable to The Estate. There is some growing concern though that his own psychological problems are started to influence the worlds that he is designing.

Personality: Pyrast has some psychological issues, but none that appear dangerous to others. Occasionally he is convinced that he can see other locations, and even things out of time. While he is aware that he suffers what others call hallucinations, Pyrast is confident that these are actually reflections of other realities. Sometimes, this means he is never quite certain that what he's seeing is reality or a vision. Is any of this a dream that he's remembering, or the future that is yet to occur?
Pyrast is a believer in The Estate’s mission, and is adamant that the public cannot be trusted to handle the truth about other realities. He is intent on his PR mission though to try to educate them, so that if the worst happens and aliens from another Recursion invade earth, people will have a chance to cope without going insane.
Pyrast sometimes mixes the tense in conversations, referring to things that will happen in the future as in the past and vice versa. He also has a habit of talking to people that aren't there. The combined effect of these can be highly disconcerting to others.
Pyrast is very curious about all things from The Strange and other Recursions and, barring the most extreme conditions, will always want to investigate them.

Gaming Goals: Find out what happened to him as a child. Find out what the aliens from the other Recursions want with Earth.

Wish List:

  • To get some kind of alien/high tech weapons (preferably a laser pistol) back through a recursion to Earth. He could never openly display it to the public, but at least then he’d know that this whole thing wasn’t an hallucination. (Unless of course he was hallucinating that he got a laser pistol back to earth).
  • A working motorcycle (preferably one that can fly).

**Character sheets attached below: **

  • Prime Earth @ Tier 3
  • Star Wars @ Tier 2
  • Ardeyne @ Tier 2
  • City of Heroes @ Tier 3
  • Weird West @ Tier 3


Other Operatives that have Worked with Team 13


Earth Prime Blighted Earth Ardeyn
Human Human Qephilim
Operates Under Cover Doesn't Do Much Channels the Elements (Wood)

On Earth Prime: A Fast Adept/Paradox who Operates Undercover (played by Dion)

Background: Shyanne was a freelance photographer, when she could be bothered working, who happened to capture something on her camera that clearly should not be seen by others. Operatives of the Estate soon showed up to make sure that they weren't. Somehow, in the exchange, Shyanne ended up with a job with the Estate.
She developed her powers in her teen years after her parents were killed in a hit and run. The estate found her soon after. ( was thinking they had a link to the estate and were killed over it) She through herself into developing her mind powers and studing the chaos space. I was thinking of her being totally loyal to a SO, prob Katherin Manners. She has been on several minor missions for the estate but all were on earth prime. Her love of photography also helps as a cover and to record her missions. She desires to figure out a way to bring back photos from recursions.

Blighted World 'Background': Born on the Arc to parents affected by radiation. Developed mind powers. Too lazy to work and spent most of time gambling for funds. Ended up owing a lot of money - and that is why she volunteered to leave the Arc - to escape her debts to the Klansky brothers.

Personality: Boastful (others need her); Proud of her powers.

Gaming Goals:

Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)

(Cypher Character Sheet attached under Files as @ Tier 2 for the Star Wars recursion on 17th Jan, 2017).


Idun Ekland

Earth Prime Star Wars City of Heroes
Human Zeltron Human
Solves Mysteries Infiltrates Employs Magnetism

On Earth Prime: An Appealing (Stealth) Spinner who Solves Mysteries (played by Shane)

Background: Born in Sweden, Idun emigrated to Australia with her parents when she was 13. A voracious reader Idun's books of choice were mysteries which she displayed a natural knack for solving before the end. Her love of the mystery and a natural sense of law & order instilled in her by her parents led her to study as a Forensic Scientist. It was while working that she came to the notice of The Estate as she always seemed to be assigned the more bizarre cases being investigated by the police, which were naturally all associated with The Strange.
Personality: Pleasant, sociable, fun loving
Gaming Goals:
Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)

(Cypher Character Sheet attached under files as Tier 2 as at 12/3/17).

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