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Ardeyn is a recursion of extravagant sorcery, mystic blades sheathed in living souls, and an evil god called Lotan the Sinner whose prison is the world. Dragons, soulshorn, homunculi of the Betrayer, demons of Lotan, and other insidious threats that hide in ancient qephilim ruins are ever-present in Ardeyn. Once Ardeyn was guarded from Lotan the Sinner by The Maker, his Seven Incarnations, and their angelic qephilim servants. But when they fell long ago, they left Ardeyn open to attack. Now mortals, (humans and fallen qephilim alike) have taken up the fight to protect the place known as "The Land of the Curse".


What a Recursor Knows

  • Ardeyn operates under the law of Magic and is influenced by Sumerian myths.
  • Spirits of the slain live on in Ardeyn, and they are drawn into the subterranean Night Vault; a recursor who dies in Ardeyn would leave behind a spirit subject to the same rules of death.
  • The Maker and Seven Incarnations who safeguarded Ardeyn are dead or missing, except the Betrayer (who was the Incarnation of War before he murdered The Maker).
  • Insectoid strangers called kray continually test Ardeyn's borders with the Strange, and they sometimes find cracks through which to enter, thanks to the efforts of the Betrayer.
  • The entire land of Ardeyn is built upon the petrified body of a god called Lotan the Sinner.
  • Standard fantasy and ancient historic equipment is the norm. You likely wield magic, swords, spears and protect yourself with elaborate metal armor or wield magical items that do the same..
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Ardeyn Attributes

This recursion is described in TSCB p160.
Level: 3
Laws: Magic
Playable Races: Humans, qephilim
Foci: See list below.
Skills: Ardeyn lore
Connection to the Strange: Creatures native to Ardeyn can see and travel directly (or fall into) the Strange from the edge of the recursion. Creatures native to the Strange can see into Ardeyn, but cannot normally enter.
Connection to Earth: Various gates.
Traits: Brash. For any creature with the spark attempting to overcome or ignore the effects of fear or intimidation, the task is modified by one step to its benefit.


Foci Appropriate for Ardeyn

If using the Cypher System to play in this setting, the most common foci are listed below. Other foci are possible, especially those that could be explained by magic, but would be attributed more to individuals and not common enough to be on the list.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94. Refer to our main Foci List Page for full references of the books of the foci listed below.

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below:

d100 Where to get your focus Notes
01-35 General Group Adapt any of these to suit the Ancient/Medieval - Fantasy nature of the recursion.
36-55 Fantasy Group Ardeyn is pretty typical fantasy.
56-75 Magic Group Magic is fairly common. Some in this group are specifically for Ardeyn.
76-90 Medieval & Ancient Group Ardeyn is loosely based upon Ancient Sumer and Mesopotamia, so many of these suit.
91-94 Primal Group Not overly common, but there are plenty of magic users attuned to the wilds and that can contact the dead.
95-97 Master List. Focus needs to be explained in the context of Ardeyn still. OR if none appropriate 'drag' your Earth Prime focus.
98-00 Strange Specific For those that have translated at least once.
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