Data Log 06

Saturday 4th June 2016

  • Team 13 were called in by Katherine Manners to make amends for the damage done the night before.
  • The Estate had discovered that a new street drug, Superdyne had made its way onto teh street of Melbourne. From all appearances, the drugs were being imported from a Superhero recursion, Paragon City.
  • The Team was to Translate to Paragon City and meet a contact, Lorenzo Di Costa.
  • With McKay not being available for the mission due to his being punished for his involvement in the previous night’s activities, the Team was accompanied by Idun Eckland.
  • Without McKay, Pyrast instead took on the role of Initiating the Translation. What the others didn’t realise though, is that Pyrast had been to Paragon City before…
  • So the team arrived in a dumpster in a back alley. Climbing out of the dumpster, they spotted some small mechanical objects at the end of the alley.
  • The team started experimenting with their powers before going forth. In doing so, Polaris (Idun), accidentally pushes the dumpster into the group of Clockwork creatures, provoking a battle, in which the heroes demolished them.
  • The heroes travelled by foot to the nearby Tram stop, being the quickest way to get around the various neighbourhoods in the city. From there they took the tram to Skyway City, where they located Lorenzo waiting nearby.
  • Lorenzo explained to the heroes that two criminal gangs in Paragon City were at war over the Superdyne, the Skulls and the Hellions. He pointed the heroes to a warehouse in the southwest corner of Atlas Park run by the Hellions where they might be able to find more answers.
  • Taking the same tram back to Atlas Park, the heroes quickly made their way the warehouse in question, where they could hear sounds of gunfire. It appeared that the Skulls had already launched their own raid on the warehouse and the two gangs were locked in a fire fight.
  • With the heroes’ superpowers, they made very quick work of the first group inside the warehouse entrance. Following the sounds of gunfire, they soon entered the man loading dock area, where a fierce gun fight was already underway.
  • Golem (Pyrast) heard the Skull leader yell to his minions, “Find the cloak! It’s here somewhere.”
  • Again, the combined force of both the Skulls and the Hellions wasn’t enough to slow the heroes, who quickly defeated them all, taking a few prisoners. They tried to interrogate a couple of the prisoners, but had no luck at all.
  • While the Skull leader was unconscious, Golem, Polaris, and Max searched the warehouse, looking for clues about the drug smuggling operation, as well as the mysterious cloak that was mentioned.
  • When most of the team was out of the room, Shadow (Killian) took the clothing of one of the defeated Skulls to try to impersonate them and hopefully infiltrate the gang.
  • In one of the back offices the searching heroes found a safe. Golem tore the door off in one easy move and, along with wads of Paragon City cash, also found a cloak inside. Obviously what the Skull leader was talking about.
  • With Shadow and Polaris establishing some kind of mental link so that she could see what he was seeing, the other three left the warehouse. Shadow managed to convince the Skull leader that he was one of the gang, and he soon left to head back to their hideout in King’s Row. The others trailed behind at an inconspicuous distance.
  • In the Skulls lair, Shadow was able to find out that the Skull leader was named, “Marrowsnap”.
  • Once he rejoined the team, they called Lorenzo, who told them to go see a contact for the group, “Magi”, who were responsible for policing mystical incidents in Paragon City. The team spoke with Azuria in City Hall, in the heart of Atlas Park.
  • She told them that the cloak was a device that could act as a gateway to other worlds (an Inapposite Gate).
  • She told the team that the woman that created the cloak was Yanamahri, who had recently disappeared. It was likely that she had been kidnapped.
  • She sent them to see Athena Curry in Steel Canyon, the detective assigned to Yanamahri’s missing person case.
  • Curry met the team in Steel Canyon and went over the information that she had. Along with the news of Marrowsnap’s involvement, she sent the heroes to check reports that he had been sighted at the Criterion Building, in King’s Row.
  • The team quickly punched their way through the meagre security outside the building and found themselves on the ground level of a multi-story building. Golem, using his knowledge of superhero lore and previous experience in Paragon City, quickly deduced that the villains and hostage would most likely be located upstairs. As it turned out, the very first room they checked was the one in which the villain Marrowsnap was holding the prisoner.
  • Golem leapt into the room before anyone else could move, landing squarely among Marrowsnap and two of his minions. The floor collapsed beneath his vast weight, dropping all four of them into the room below.
  • Shadow and Max opened fire on the minions remaining in the room, while Polaris flew across the room to release Yanamahri.
  • Shadow managed to find himself in a wrestling match with one of the shooters. Clearly one with former MMA experience, as he was putting some serious moves on the infiltrator.
  • Golem and Marrowsnap slugged it out on the floor below, with Golem almost succumbing to the Skull leader’s mental attacks, before Polaris floated down to help.
  • Polaris and Golem finally defeated the leader at about the same time that Max and Shadow finally defeated the last of the minions upstairs.
  • Once the battle was resolved, the heroes had the chance to talk to Yanamahri.
  • They discovered that she was actually quickened herself, and they convinced her to return to the Estate with them, with only a minimal amount of threatening to arrest her.
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