Data Log 05

Friday 3rd June 2016

  • Pyrast organized for a Limo (driven by Ray) to pick everyone up and deliver them to the Estate for gaming night.
  • Group met with Jessica Lee in the staff room in the basement of the Antiquities building
  • Group met with Kat McLelland, a 'close personal friend' of Jessica Lee, another agent of The Estate.
  • Group was shown a boxed game called "A Game of Screams" by Jessica and McKay accidentally knocked it from her hands spilling the pieces onto the table. When picked up they then moved by themselves to the starting point on the game board.
  • Note found with the game indicated that once a game was started it had to be finished and the winner needed both a Trick and a Treat. Winning was the fastest way to free those trapped by the game.
  • Max picked up the game dice and rolled it, the game piece he had picked up then moved by itself around the board.
  • Pyrast rolled second and after rolling strange noises were heard from the staff kitchen.
  • Max and Killian investigated the strange noises and found an unusual woman in the kitchen who offered them cookies, or "treats".
  • When Max & Killian delayed the woman she became hostile, turned into a witch and attacked them. Max unloaded a significant quantity of ammunition into the kitchen, damaging most of it quite significantly.
  • Kat noticed a black cat atop a cupboard and Pyrast grabbed it and shoved it into the garbage disposal. Pyrast grabbed a couple of the treats on the woman's tray, included one that looked especially elaborate.
  • Witch was eventually defeated and disappeared in a puff of smoke.
  • Group acknowledged that they must now continue to play the game.
  • Jessica rolled a 1 and disappeared into the crystal in the center of the game board.
  • Others kept playing with various tokens/tricks and treats appearing in the form of bone keys, rattles, meat pies, etc.
  • Kat and Pyrast were also sucked into the game crystal in rapid succession.
  • Pyrast found himself trapped in a jar high on a shelf inside a witch's kitchen. He noticed that both Jessica and Kat were also trapped in a nearby jar on the shelf. Realizing the trouble that they were in, Pyrast embarked on a series of tests to try to escape. None met with any success, despite his best attempts.
  • Max also eventually becomes trapped in the game crystal. Unlike the others though, Max's descent through the realm of Halloween itself ends with him crashing through the roof on the witch's house and knocking the witch herself into her cauldron, complete with bubbling green gruel. Max destroyed her and, eventually, found the jars on the shelves with his companions. One be one he released them from the jars, causing them to immediately return to the normal world. As the last one there, Max was at a loss as how to get back himself, before noticing the sign on the ladle of the cauldron saying, "Drink me". Hoping this was not a cruel hoax, he tried the disgusting looking concoction and, luckily, soon rejoined his companions back in the world.
  • Janice the Janitor is heard outside and when door opened spiders erupted from her mop bucket. Killian improvised a flame thrower from a can of fly spray and lighter to take care of them.
  • Other events included an attack by a ventriloquist dummy, a strange mist, a crawling hand, swarm of baby headed bats and a vodka bottle headed golem. These were dispatched or ignored. In doing so, Max also happened to open fire both in the main room, as well as in the adjoining corridor, again causing a fair degree of damage to the building and facilities.
  • McKay eventually reaches the end, but only with a rattle. McKay told Killian to give him a blood pie. Realizing that this was probably the quickest way to end the game and prevent further damage, despite the fact that he was close himself, Killian agreed. With both a trick and treat now in his possession, the crystal shattered and the game was over. All of the pieces moved back to the start.
  • Jessica secured game and took it to be placed in "Dangerous Item Storage"
  • McKay was certain that someone would say one of his "electronic upgrades" was responsible for the damage and he would wind up getting the blame. Something similar may have happened previously.
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