Data Log 04

Monday 30th May, 2016

(14.9 degrees C, no rainfall, 50% cloud coverage)

Team Briefing

  • Team called in from time off, meeting in room 13, chaired by Koslov & McGuire.
  • Team given a choice of one of two missions:

1. Investigate rumours of a werewolf attack citizens of Ballarat
2. Investigate the surprising number of recent suicides, along with strange lights and smells in town of Aireys Inlet.

  • Team chose to investigate Aireys Inlet.
    • Old metal scrapyard on Distillery Creek Road seemed to be a hotspot for the strange lights.
    • Ten suicides in the last three weeks.
    • Gavin Pearce, a renowned "UFO spotter", has written a blog on the matter.
    • Sgt Carly Evans is the sole police officer on sight.
    • Team to investigate under guise of a Special Task Force assigned to the Vic Police.
  • With Ray (Pyrast's driver) driving an Estate vehicle and Max on his motorbike, the group drove to Airey's Inlet.
  • Met Sgt Evans who was relieved to have some assistance.
  • Most victims seemed to have suffered from bad nightmares before their respective incidents. No other know link between the cases was known.
  • Martha Ashby (local chicken farmer) lost nearly all her chickens since the strange lights began, and reported seeing a strange slime on her farm, though no slime was found on investigation.
Karly%20Evans%20Sgt.jpg Martha%20Ashby.jpeg
  • Team went to Ashby's farm to investigate, no slime seen, but found human sized frog like foot prints in mud.
  • Team left farm to investigate scrapyard. Agent Killian found a cut in the tall wire fence surrounding the compound.
  • Agent McKay tried to use phone to detect drone signals. (Gavin Pearce indicated he would use a drone to fly over scrapyard), however only succeeded in shorting out Pyrast's phone for a few minutes.
  • Agent Killian led way through fence to investigate scrapyard followed by other agents.
  • A young man with bulging dark eyes and greenish skin exited from a building as Killian and Max neared and the creepy guy asked the agents if they had come to serve the Great One. The man also wished to baptize the agents in a sludge and rusty pool filled with leeches.
  • Agents tried to delay, but this seemed to provoke black-eyed man and he attacked, trying to drag agents into the pool, and activating a giant steampunk car robot to assist him.
  • After a brief battle, Agent McKay overpowered the cultist and the robot collapsed.
  • From over a scrapheap four more figures appeared and began to climb down gurgling something about their 'master'. As they got closer it became apparent that each of these individuals had also taken on various fish-like qualities including scales, slimy skin, bulging eyes and even gills.
Deep%20one%201.jpg Deep%20One%202.jpg Deep%20One%203.jpg Deep%20One%204.jpg
  • During the fight with the fishy folk a drone was observed overhead filming combat. It was shot down by Agent Killian.
  • McKay sent a email/text that filming of Pyrast's latest work disrupted due to drone.
  • Also during the fight there was very loud rattling sounds from somewhere over the scrapheap, as if one of the buildings was being shaken.
  • Agents eventually managed to overpower all four opponents. Searching the quarters of the master revealed a stone effaced tome (artifact) and a snow globe (the view inside changing to a different scene every time it is disturbed (an inapposite gate grenade). The inside of the warehouse had also been painted over with hundreds of swirling characters and symbols.
  • Agents explored the central building where lights emanated from and seemed to be the source of the rattling sound. Sliding open the rusty steel roller doors revealed an overwhelming and incomprehensible sight.
  • Floating in the centre of the warehouse was a tear in reality. Through the gate a skyscraper sized, squid headed humanoid could be seen with a city of strange design behind it rising from the waters. The gigantic abomination moved towards the portal (probably only a small floating tear on its side) and was soon peering through down onto the Agents in the warehouse. (Large creature determined to be Cthulhu - a possible planetvore).
Ryleth%20through%20portal.jpg Great%20One%20Portal.jpg
  • Pyrast read from the stone covered-tome, hoping he could use the information about portals to reverse this one. Early on he determined that a Deep One's head would be needed to complete the ritual of closing the gate.
  • Killian went running for the fishy-folk bodies, hoping that they were in fact deep ones.
  • Tentacles burst forth from the gate and attacked those left in the warehouse. Protecting those doing the ritual, Max was slung to the ground and knocked out and then lifted into the air. Just as he was about to disappear through the portal, Pyrast completed ritual and Killian leapt into the air and flung the Deep One head into the gate, collapsing it. Tentacles were severed and flopped to the floor also dropping Max to the ground.
  • The tentacles (and later when checked, the bodies of fish-folk) started to decompose, indicating an other recursion origin.
  • Contact with Estate indicated that mission still active until Gavin Pearce neutralized.
  • Gavin Pearce was outside the scrapyard leaning on his rusted Subaru talking with Ray (Pyrast's driver). Convinced that robot, along with lights and smells, were all part of some movie being made staring Pyrast. Gavin seemed convinced and even contrite that his actions had complicated Pyrast's work.
  • Pyrast followed up by going with Pearce to Cumberland River Caravan Park where Gavin was staying and assuring him that everything was some low budget filming.
  • Martha Ashby concerned at the sound of gunfire, arrived and informed that Sgt Evans was en route.
  • Agents asked Ashby to please return to her farm as the toxins from the scrapyard were more widespread than previously thought.
  • Agents McKay and Killian inform Sgt Evans that the toxins in the area had in fact caused mental disorders in those exposed, causing them to commit suicide. The danger is in fact so widespread that the quarantine area around the scrapyard would have to be significantly increased and that the best thing for Sgt Evans to do would be to ensure that no other people came near. Also informed her that the EPA had been informed and a clean up crew was en route. All paper work would be undertaken by the Agents while Sgt Evans set up and covered the road block (with assistance to arrive later).
  • Stated that Ashby's chickens disappearance was long term exposure to toxin effected groundwater, and the slime seen on site is in fact the remains of those chickens breaking down due to a rapid cellular deterioration.
  • Contact with Agency indicated The Fixer would be down there to 'clean things up'.
  • Cost of clean up insignificant compared to PR damage of gate exposure and knowledge of near world ending invasion.
  • Group went to Cumberland River Caravan Park, picked Pyrast up and drove back to headquarters… all in a day's work!

Monday 30th May 2016 - cont

  • Group returned to Estate for debriefing
  • At debriefing Killian was invited to a gaming night the following Friday by Overseer of Antiquities Jessica Lee. Was told to bring some friends and some drinks.
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