Data Log 03

Sunday 29th May

  • Team meeting in Room 13, chaired by Manners and Lee.
  • Shyanne on another mission, replaced by Agent Idun Ekland.
  • New mission assigned to group:
  • Translate to Rebel Universe.
  • Rescue Min Etheran (captain of the Blood Hawk), currently working for Arakyd Industries, a well known builder of robot and weapon prototypes.
  • Beware of Karum Agents (Ruk) and take Min to Tel Shar, of Brimstone Industries, on the planet Orinda.
  • Contact received from Min Etheran via holonet is of an auto distress call from the Blood Hawk on Krykas 5.
Chimera.jpg YT1760%20-%20Faunor%20Bros%20Craft.jpg KrykasAsteroidField2.jpg
  • Team translated to the Rebel Universe, arriving in a Corellian Freighter (The Chimera) in hyperspace.
  • On exiting hyperspace at Krykas 5, the ship was attacked by another Freighter operated by the renowned Duros bounty hunters, the Falnor Brothers.
  • A brief battle ensued, with Erkhardt manning the ships gun and Steel trying to find a way to assist Killian.
  • Agent Idun opened comms to the other ship pretending to be an Imperial Captain and convinced them to cease hostilities and retreat, indicating that more Imperial ships are on route.
  • Killian expertly flew The Chimera through the asteroid belt surrounding Krykas 5 and into the dense fog of the atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere wreaked havoc with the flight controls and The Chimera had to land quickly. After spotting large rents an pieces of a large ship, Killian managed to land The Chimera with only minor damage to the port stabilizers. The strange atmosphere seemed to hinder scanners and communications as well.
  • Team exited ship, climbed onto wreckage and followed the parts of broken ship towards the location of the distress beacon.
  • Much of the terrain was close to impassable, particularly for the diminutive Steel, who resorted to riding on Erkhardt's shoulders throughout much of the overland journey.
Viper-Probe-Droid.jpg Nevo%20Faunor.png Vol%20Faunor.png
  • Attacked by 3 probe droids. The droid Erkhardt proved extremely dangerous with his electrostaff. All three destroyed. Organic members of the team forced to pause to recuperate before continuing.
  • Polarizing Field Generator from a probe droid removed and attached to Erkhardt by McKay.
  • The battle with the droids seemed to draw other enemies near, as the group were soon attacked by the Falnor brothers and crew who had since figured out that The Chimera was not an imperial vessel.
  • Both Falnor brothers and crew with them are killed, again with Erkhardt causing significant concerns to the opponents. Despite Killian's efforts, one of the bounty hunters manages to escape back to their ship. Grenades taken from Ivol Falnor.
  • Continued to distress beacon location and found immense tracked land vehicle surrounded by working patchwork droids.
A5_Juggernaut.jpg Mina.jpg
  • Min was aboard the vehicle and communicated with them via a speaker. Seeing McKay's work on Erkhardt, she agreed to meet with and then return with the team to Orinda.
  • Min set detonators to destroy her transport before leaving, to prevent any of her research falling into the wrong hands.
  • The team returned to Chimera with Min, who assisted them with makeshift repairs, and shortly after they left Krykas 5 to make the jump to planet Orinda.
Orinda%20Planet.jpg Areenka%20Spaceport%20-%20Orinda.jpg
  • Entered atmosphere and flew to Areeka Spaceport. Docked at Bay 74 as instructed, where the team escorted Min to Tel Shar at Brimstone Industries.
  • Max contacted Marthas, a sullustan dock maintenance worker he knew, and called in a favour to arrange for repairs and replenish consumables on the Chimera.
  • Tel Shar takes over protection of Min and the team returned to Bay 74 via one of the local bars so Max could have a drink with his friend, Marthas.
Marthas.jpg Tel%20Shar%20-%20Security%20Officer.jpg Esm%20Arkhee%20-%20Twi%20Lek.jpg
  • On return to ship, team was greeted by a twi'lek named Esm Arkhee, who claimed to work for Interplanetary Acquisitions; he asked them to return IA's offices to discuss a deal. At Erkhardt and Steel's urging, the team reluctantly conceded.
  • Entered an old hanger with parts of vehicles everywhere including a large fighter shell hanging from the roof. The twi'lek sat behind a desk and offered to buy the Chimera from them.
  • Team became suspicious, the twi'lek fired a shot at roof, yelling and then diving under his desk. Others with drawn weapons entered the hanged from other doorways.
  • Stalemate ensued and team backed out of offices without conflict escalating.
  • Returned to Bay 74 quickly to see hatch on Chimera and a door on the far side of bay both closing.
  • Entered and searched ship for tracking or explosive devices but found none.
  • Appears I.A. are a group of starship thieves (advise any future teams entering this recursion).
  • The team departed Orinda and entered hyperspace.
  • Translated to Earth Prime.
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