Data Log 02

Friday 20th May

  • After taking some time to reacquaint themselves, the members of Team 13 (Alpha 03 - Alpha=1 + 03 = "13") returned to active duty for The Estate, starting with a formal meeting with the SO (Supervising Officer) for Team 13 (Lead Operative Katherine J. Manners) and Chief Gate Scientist Shirley McGuire.
  • Team 13 tasked with surveillance of Tom Mallard, a known Recursion Miner primarily of cyphers from Ardeyn and Crow Hollow.
  • Tom Mallard's primary residence - 35 Kerrford St, Coburg, protected by ADC Security.
Tom%20Mallard.jpg Tom%20Mallard%27s%20house.jpg
  • Team 13 logged out surveillance vehicle and began surveillance of Mallard residence.
  • Posing as Telco maintenance personal, the team attempted to hack into Mallard's online accounts to ascertain whether he was selling Cyphers on the black market or to other hostiles, or if he should be scouted for Estate induction.
  • Security accidentally tripped and Security patrol attended the scene. This threat was mitigated without incident due to actions of Agent Max Steele & Agent Killian shifting blame to other persons (with aid of elderly female neighbour who Max conversed with earlier).
  • Team 13 acquired a security dampener from Warden Ivan Kozlov, suspecting that the residence was empty due to repetitive sounds heard from within.
  • Team 13 found Estate surveillance devices incorporates into a computer setup within the residence, indicating that Mallard was aware that he had been under observation.
  • While exploring the premises, the Team located traps placed in the internal stairs to the basement. Activating the trap caused the stairs to convert into a slide, indicating possible area of interest in basement, further investigation followed.
  • Observing noises from cupboard in the basement, Agent Killian investigated and discovered a bandage wrapped emaciated hostile within who initiated combat. Hostile dispatched relatively easily.
  • Careful observation of area within basement led operatives to discover a secret room. Recursion Key in form of a painting by "The Master" found within room.
  • Clean up team contacted. Hostile and recursion key secured to Estate facilities.

Saturday 21st May

  • SO briefed on previous nights activities. Believed Tom Mallard had translated to Ardeyn. Agents McKay & Shyanne translated as Qephilim, the rest remain human.
  • Team 13 dispatched to recursion chamber and Translated to the location defined by the recursion key acquired from the Mallard residence, which turned out to be a walk-in pantry in the kitchen of The Lamb's Blood, a tavern in the city of Shalmarn, Ardeyn.
  • Team 13 met Agent Ramus from the Estate, owner of The Lamb's Blood.
  • Ramus led the team to a possible location of Tom Mallard, "The Winged Arch", a large pit with ropes descending into it.
  • Team 13 entered the pit and proceeded to scout the area, finding a room with a sleep-inducing mist pouring from the mouth of a dragon statuette. Agent Killian forced to destroy statuette, however this resulted in the awakening of a human faced hydra, intent on consuming the team.
  • Hydra defeated after a bloody battle, with several members of the team forced to stop and recuperate before continuing.
  • After catching their breath, the team then located a large chasm room, with a narrow, descending staircase (ala Ruins of Moria, Lord of the Rings Trilogy).
  • As they began their descent, Team 13 was attacked by Sarks (undead qephilim) at the top of the staircase.
Ramis%20barkeep.jpeg Ramis%20in%20Adv%20gear.jpg Sark%20-%20canine.jpg
  • Nearby floating spheres of Qephilim ancestry controlled by Agent McKay assist in surviving to lower platform. Agent Killian absent during this engagement.
  • Agent McKay loses lens cypher over edge of platform during conflict.
  • Sarks dispatched following an intense shoot-out with Erkhardt and Shyanne.
  • Erkhardt almost died, but lucky to survive by landing on one of the floating discs floating in the chasm.
  • Agent Killian re-joined the team as they continued to explore the complex.
  • Ramus then betrayed Team 13 to Tom "The Master" Mallard, trying to push Agent Killian over edge of platform into chasm of undetermined depth. Ramus fled into tunnels at the top of the stairs.
  • Team 13 continued scouting, finding a room dominated by statues. Team 13 repairs one broken statue which then became animated. Statue indicated that Agent Killian had embraced death (whatever that meant) and opened a magical door behind it.
  • Team 13 found wine room and a star-shaped key locked door (unable to open despite attempts).
  • Team located an altar room occupied by target, Tom Mallard (in new translation) and sark accomplices.
  • Target acquired scrolls from altar and activated the statues in the room before opening a portal to another recursion (possible Ruk). Target dispatched by Agent Killian with a well aimed arrow before he could escape. Sarks engaged, statues in room also animated upon removal of scrolls from altar.
  • Sarks were dispatched by the team and the scrolls returned to altar, returning the statues to normal.
  • The team exited the pit and found a secure location to translate back to Earth Prime.
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