Data Log 01

Day 01

  • Team Alpha 03 secured in Ark escape pod and jettisoned back to Earth.
  • Landed successfully in a verdant region picked by the scientists of the Ark.
  • After emerging from pod, found that the air was breathable, although yellow clouds were overhead. The pod appeared to have crashed through the roof of an old train station, long since overgrown and dilapidated.
landing%20site.jpg Mutated%20bear Ruined%20storage%20sheds%20next%20to%20station.jpg
  • A two-carriage train was at one of the stations. When the team went to explore a large, tusked blind creature (ravager bear), attacked from the underbrush. (Shyanne got good shots of it charging the group). It was nesting in 2nd carriage where a huge hole had been blasted in the side. Two cubs were inside. Left the cubs but Killian and Erkhardt consumed meat from the bear to see if it was safe to eat.
  • Removed the tangled parachute from the roof of station. Gained the cables and chute.
  • Killiam claimed to hear some strange voices over the back up radio. No one else heard anything.
  • Found a covered and sealed army tank outside what would have been the front of the station.
  • Tank hatch was pried open and a zombified type creature attacked from within but was dispatched. 10 tank shells were recovered and transported to the pod.
  • On other side of station were large ruined store houses. Large rusted crates within. Nothing of use, but saw a human-sized pillbug in the debris.
  • Slept inside the pod for safety. During the night howls and yipping were heard outside.

Day 02

  • Explored train again. Carcass of bear mostly gone. Cubs were gone. Discovered that first carriage as a massive 'rip' along its roof.
  • At the end where the pod was, near old bus shelters, an alligator-sized lizard appeared to put Erkhardt to sleep on his feet before approaching and trying to drag him away by biting his leg. Creature was dispatched and its tail taken for consumption.
  • Explored mansion across from the train station. Nothing in main building but there was a shed at the back with two cars inside. One looked as if someone had been living in it and restoring batteries in the shed.
  • Alarm on car went off but McKay placed his hands on the car and appeared to siphon its power. The lights and sound dimmed to almost nothing.
Bus%20Shelter%20area Psi%20Lizard abandoned%20building%20across%20from%20station.jpg
  • Crossed the train tracks where part of the mansion wall had collapsed onto them.
  • Up the hill through some rubble a 'new' tower was spotted. Upon inspection, the plasteel door was sealed by a three fingered palm pad entry panel. McKay managed to open the doorway by molding his hand to the panel and group explored inside.
  • Lower level: a locker with basics, inc cleaning gear. 1st level: sleeping quarters, lantern and swags. 2nd level: cool room with meat hanging, including tribal-looking human bodies. Top level: larger than others. Lots of control panels, a view of surrounding areas.
Slikk%20returning%20from%20patrol.jpg needler%20gun%20%28medium%29.png
  • Whilst exploring, four Saurians (Slikks) returned to the tower and were killed. Found toxic grenades (which the Saurians appear immune to) and crystal needler guns in the tower. McKay turned one needler into a makeshift grenade and threw it out the window just before it exploded. Erkhart states that crystal tech is not that of the Slikks; apparently it is from another group of Saurians - the Valaath.
  • Explored in direction Saurians came from and came across a large, not so overgrown building which turned out to be an old army hospital.
Military%20hospital%20-%20front.jpg Military%20Hospital%20-%20%20inside%20foyer.jpg Military%20Hospital%20-%20surgery%20room.jpeg
  • Killian saw something move into a room and the group explored. The group saw a humanoid figure made of deep shadow crouched in the corner of an older surgery room. In the middle was a burnt bed and fire extinguisher. Erkhart 'saw' the being's misery and death in replay. As the death replayed, the burnt area around the bed spread. Max grabbed the extinguisher and stopped the burning. The shadowy figure then walked towards Max in a conciliatory manner and disappeared into him.
  • Down the other wing (the wards) Alpha 03 was attacked by large, blue-faced lizard raptors, that showed some semblance of intelligence. Three were killed, and one escaped. Erkhart was badly wounded by one.
  • Returned to pod to spend the night. Distant yipping and howling heard faintly in the night.

Day 03

  • Opened the pod door, in a hurry after Pyrast started screaming that a 'train was coming'.
  • When heading back to the Slikk tower, heard splashing from the back of a residence and decided to investigate.
  • Found an overgrown pond and discovered a burrow under a nearby tree. On investigating, disturbed a 6 legged "death badger", which disappeared running around the front of the building, after a brief confrontation.
  • Killian searched burrow and found human remains together with a Saurian Force Shied Projector.
Residence%20next%20to%20slikk%20tower.jpg Slikk%20Juggernaut%20Personel%20carrier.jpg
  • Returned to the Saurian tower, Killian answers Saurian voices on radio, apparently insulting them from the agitation in the voices, and Shyanne sets up a sub-thermal detonator as a trap.
  • After about 6 hours, rumbling was heard, as some large vehicle approached from over the hill. It stopped before coming into view, but soon some of the 'releases' were heard.
  • From the house next to the tower the group saw insane screaming zombies (ISZ's) with necrotic bio-tech weaponry appeared. Some went in the tower. The detonator was set off and then others discovered the party in the residence. The ISZs were terminated and then Killian scouted ahead to see 2 Slikks observing the scene from next to a large ground transport. The Slikks returned to the vehicle and drove away.
  • Returned to pod to contact Ark and advise on weaponry status of recently encountered ISZ's, then went to explore Downtown.
  • While travelling through the abandoned streets came across the recently killed carcass of a "gray chicken hound, killed by a primitive spear. Carried the carcass as followed boot prints, to a large domed building and dumped it at the door. Began a recon of the theatre and were again attacked by ISZ's in a corridor under the main building.
Theatre%20where%20tracks%20led%20to.png Door%20-%20being%20opened%20by%20screamer.jpg
  • Shyanne suspended the lead ISZ in a stasis field and Killain then activated the Saurian Force Shield Projector between the party and the majority of the ISZ's, who seemed to then be confused due to their leader no longer responding and their being unable to reach the group.
  • ISZ's on other side of shield left the tunnel, the remaining were terminated.
  • A man (Provost) and a young woman (Enila) appeared behind the party. After some discussion, they relent to taking Alpha 03 to meet their immediate leader, Inara. Apparently this small group (of 10) had recently been banished from their larger Grounder tribe for helping "Sky People".
Grounders%20-%20Enila%20%26%20Provost.jpg Grounder%20-%20Inara%20-%20Leader.jpg Grounder%20-%20Emilee-Jin%20-%20Female%20sentry.jpg
  • Whilst talking to these Grounders, Alpha 03 determined found out more details of the Saurians. Apparently, some "Sky People" (who the group believed to be members of Alpha 2) led some Zarash to the Grounder camp. (Zarash arre Saurians that use light as a power source, including being able to generate it from inside their mouths). Also learnt that Slikks are led by powerful warlock kings that wield necrotic powers (including the animation of Grounders as "Screamers").
  • Only three members of Alpha 02 were alive when they last saw them and of these only one (Williams, John) was relatively uninjured. They are with the larger Grounder tribe under the control of Morkar. Though Inara thought that this would soon be rectified, as Morkar exacted some revenge on him for the death of the tribes people.
  • Killian struck up a quick relationship with a Grounder sentry called Emilee-Jin, after the two of them bonded over similar wounds from the ISZ weaponry.
  • Alpha 03 traded some ammunition in exchange for a boat to take them across flooded Downtown to the main tribal camp (in the former main station) in an effort to extract Williams. Much to Killian's disgust, he appeared to have a genuine dislike, even hatred towards Williams for some reason.
  • Alpha 03 spent the night in one of the old theatre's foyers with the Grounders. McKay built a water filtration device from an old dishwasher and coffee machine.
  • During the day members of Alpha 03 experience visions of some other place, but put it down to effects of the cloud and stress.

Day 04

  • A great storm within large purple clouds swept through the city, forcing everyone to take cover. As the large group sought cover, several were burnt by the acidic water filtering through the theatre. Thinking they were safe in an old projector room, this was not the case for long when the roof blew off. From there is was another desperate dash to the safety of the female toilet block.
  • Once the storm had passed, the group had to wait for the yellow cloud to rise, which it did around midday. Enila and Provost volunteered themselves to lead Alpha 03 to the main Grounder encampment.
  • As Alpha 03 rowed across the flooded Downtown area, Killian momentarily saw himself in a boat race with other boats along side them. The remaining members of Alpha 03 saw no such thing and soon Killian recovered from his 'visions'.
  • During the water crossing a large herd of antlered animals was seen drinking at the waters edge but quickly fled after one was killed by a huge two-headed water lizard that burst from the water and quickly devoured its catch.
Croc%20-%202%20heads.jpg Downtown%20-%20western%20shore.png
  • Once across the water, the group had to make their war across several wrecked vehicles to get to dry land. During this, McKay slipped and cut his leg badly before Pyrast treated and sutured the wound.
  • Arrived near the Grounder's campsite and were fired upon with warning shots by the tribe's sentries apparently hiding out in a bus at the back of the station. A runner was sent for Morkar, whilst negotiations occurred with the sentries.
Grounder%20Sentries.jpg Morkar%20-%20Grounder%20Leader.jpg
  • Most of the tribe emerged from the dark tunnels beyond the bus. They were led by Mokar himself. One of his soldiers also had Williams with a knife at his throat.
  • Killian, unable to restrain himself, yelled out that Williams had failed. Williams' reply was not what they expected to hear. He could not believe that Alpha 03 were here. Things must be very bad for the 'creators' to be 'sent'. Initially thinking that he meant from the Ark the conversation took a turn when Williams apparently realised that Alpha 03 'did not remember' and had 'lost their spark'. He batted on about how this whole world was CREATED by Pyrast (with help from the rest); that the members were 'quickened'. When none of this seemed to register, Williams became very dejected and stated they were all doomed unless they regained their spark
  • Williams' words triggered a vision for Killian; he apparently sawa lab with a large, white portal, then snapped back to the present.
  • Making connections with the mutterings and supposed visions of his colleagues, McKay took a memory enhancer injection to perfectly recall the minute before the pod was launched. He 'saw' a different world, where there was no Ark but there was a lab where Pyrast and others, including himself, worked and created a portal to this 'new' world, wearing the symbol of a set of scales on their chest.
  • Upon hearing of these revelations, McKay sat down and started to picture the events in his mind. He soon entered a trance, but was interrupted by Max. McKay believed he was onto something. The idea of what it was to be 'Quickened' and 'to have the Spark' was starting to dawn upon him.
  • Alpha 03 managed to convince Morkar to trade Williams for 30 days worth of food. Williams' final plea was for Alpha 03 not to return. He was dead anyway, and they too would be killed. "The creators must not die. Do NOT come back for me!" was his final statment before he was 'silenced'. So Alpha 03, along with Enila and Provost, headed back towards the pod to get the insta-pack rations to trade.
  • Back at the theatre foyer, different members of Alpha 03 recounted their recent visions with each other which made the Grounders become increasingly uneasy with them.
  • The mental strain of his visions and the coming to grips with all this talk of some 'alternate reality' was too much for Max's mental fortitude and he collapses after being shown the symbol of balanced scales by McKay.
  • Soon the Grounders demanded that Alpha 03 leave the theatre, openly stating that they were crazy and suffering atmospheric madness.
  • Killian reported the more recent events to the Ark. They seemed quite silent and/or unaware of a lot of what they were told. They also became concerned at the mad ramblings coming from Alpha 03 and this was heightened when they heard that members of Apha 02 had been found but were also clearly mentally disturbed. They left and returned to the pod just before night fall.
  • McKay sat before the door, slipping into a trance from which the others are unable to awake him from. Other members drifted off to sleep, with Max in a coma, Killian also into a deep sleep.
  • After hours, McKay's persistence and calculations paid off. He had initiated a 'translation'. He was a Quickened. He had regained his 'Spark'! A tear in the space where the to the pod should be appeared with light beaming through. He reached out, placing his hands on it to tear it wider as realization floods over him that none of this is real and he steps into the rift, tearing it open around the other members of Alpha 03.
  • In a flash the pod is gone and the group is in a large lab with many people around them, staring and yelling at them that they are back. McKay stood tall and basked in the glow, Shyanne quickly came to her senses, Pyrast half awoke mumbling crazy thoughts and Max and Killian continued to sleep, now on the raised steel platform before a huge glowing portal behind them.

Day 25?

  • Weeks pass and the party all find out they they are quickened and members of a group known as The Estate. Killian took the longest to regain his spark. About 3 weeks.
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