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This is one of our (The Black Hill Gamers) campaign sites. Any campaigns played using The Strange will be detailed here. You will find PC Pages, Adventure Logs, extra setting ideas and rules, etc. Players are expected to follow the forums for the site, but visitors are also welcome to join us.

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  • 23rd March, 2017. Zion Campaign Journal edited.
  • 22nd March, 2017. Updated Team 13 Datalog 2 with pics.
  • 15th March, 2017. Added info to the Star Wars recursion page. A little late and something I tht I had done, but anyway, there it is. ;)

Alpha 03 Campaign

This game is being played by our Ballarat group as an alternative to our D&D sessions when the whole group cannot make it. This campaign is using the the Cypher System Rules by Monte Cook Games.

Alpha 03 was the story of the third group of "volunteers" from an orbiting space station who were returning to earth after a world wide cataclysmic event to try and find out:

  1. Is the surface is habitable, the air breathable and food and water clean and abundant?
  2. How has the climate and wildlife been affected by the nuclear storms and rift energies that were unleashed upon the planet?
  3. Was the rift was successfully closed? Has it just been moved or temporarily closed?
  4. What caused the rift in the first place? Was it an accident or a portal for invasion?
  5. Are the aliens still present?
  6. Are there members of the human race still alive and if so can an alliance be formed between the people of the Ark and them?
  7. Is it safe and can the people of the Ark return to Earth?
  8. Have other alien races invaded as well?

However after exploring the world for a little they found that this world was an alternate dimension from their true home world and that they were working for an organization known as The Estate, exploring dimensions to gain technology, magic, information that aid mankind on their own world.


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